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I then assured him that I would do what I could to restore the ruined trade of his country, observing that, as all the ivory that went out of his country, came to ours, and all imports were productions of our country also, this war injured us as well as himself.

Frij, it appeared, dreamt last night that the king of Uganda came to fight us for not complying with his orders, and that all my men ran away except Uledi and himself.

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They gave way at last so, after selecting all the best of my property, I formed camp at Phunze, left Bombay with Grant behind, as I thought Bombay the best and most honest man I had got, from his having had so much experience, and then went ahead by myself, with the Pig as my guide and interpreter, and Baraka as my factotum.

The chief wazir at once come out to meet me on the way, and in an apparently affable manner, as an old friend, begged that I would live in the palace a bait which I did not take, as I knew my friend by experience a little too well.

A few Muscovy ducks are imported, also pigeons and cats.

Oh, fearful said one, hide your faces it is the Lubari.

But Bui and Nasib were not to be found they had bolted.

Well, said I to Bombay, what was Suwarora like Oh, he is a very fine man just as tall, and in the face very like Grant in fact, if Grant were black you would not know the difference.

Taking her lie without an answer, I said, I had now been fifty days or so doing nothing in Uganda not one single visitor of my own rank ever came near me, and I could not associated with people far below her condition and mine in fact, all I had to amuse me at home 70-981 Latest Dumps now was watching a hen lay her eggs upon my spare bed.

When the review was over, I complimented Mahamed on the efficiency of his corps, and, retiring to my hut, as I thought I had him now in a good humour, again discussed our plans for going ahead the next day.


As his fathers ever did, so does he.

1st and 2d.

This was a nice sort of insubordination, which of course could not be endured.

When this was over, the Mukonderi, another dancingtune, with instruments something like clarionets, was ordered but it had scarcely been struck up, before a drenching rain, with strong wind, set in and spoilt the music, though not the playing for none dared stop without an order and the queen, instead of taking pity, laughed most boisterously over the exercise of her savage power as the unfortunate musicians were nearly beaten down by the violence of the weather.

Another man, perhaps, exposes an inch of naked leg whilst squatting, or has his mbugu tied contrary to regulations, and is condemned to the same fate.

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Being poor men, they thought much of a cow or goat given gratis, and were content to live in any hovels.

As she said she had absconded because her husband had ill treated her, she was flogged, to teach her better conduct.

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Kwibeya, the officer of the place, presented us with five fowls on the part of the king, and some 70-981 Practice baskets of potatoes.

It happened that Irungu was present in the ante chamber at this time and as Maula came with my party, they had a fight in respect to their merits for having brought welcome guests to their king.

Just beyond it the valley was clothed with fine trees and luxuriant vegetation of all descriptions, amongst which was conspicuous the pretty pandana palm, and rich gardens of plantains whilst thistles of extraordinary size and wild indigo were the more common weeds.


I seized at his offer with avidity, gave him a new suit of clothes, which made him look quite a gentleman, and arranged to send him next day with a letter to Grant.

What a place, I thought Microsoft 70-981 to myself, this would be for missionaries They never could fear starvation, the land is so rich and, if farming were introduced by them, they might have hundreds of pupils.

He had returned three days before, but had not yet seen the king.

He wishes to see you, but does not like doing things in a hurry.

After all the explanations were given, he promised me a boat hunt after the nzoe in the morning but when the time came, as difficulties were raised, I asked him to allow us to anticipate the arrival of Kachuchu, and march on to Kitangule.

Oh, how we enjoyed it every one feeling so happy at the prospect of meeting so soon the good king Rumanika.

The interior of the continent had been greatly disturbed, owing to constant war between the natives and Arab ivory merchants.

Fortunately 70-981 Pdf the frontier village could not feed so large a party as ours, and therefore we were compelled to move farther on, to our great delight, through the same style of forest acacia, 70-981 Practice Exam cactus, and tall grass, to Kidgwiga s gardens, where we no sooner arrived than Mtesa s messenger page, with a party of fifty Waganda, dropped in, in the most unexpected manner, to inquire after his royal master s friend, Bana.

Since then, I have heard that Captain Bombay and his party missed the Seychelles, and went on to the Mauritius, where Captain Anson, Inspector General of Police, kindly took charge of them and made great lions of them.

Formerly it was the property of a Beluch named Eseau, who came to this country with merchandise, trading on account of Said Said, late Sultan of Zanzibar but having lost it all on his way here, paying mahongo, or taxes, and so forth he feared 70-981 Exam Dumps returning, and instead made great friends with the late king Sunna, who took an especial fancy to him because he had a very large beard, and raised him to the rank of Mkungu.

I swore I could not part with them.


Then the women and Wakungu separating from us, we that is, the king, the Kamraviona, pages, and myself sat down to a warm feast of sweet potatoes and plantains, ending with pombe and fruit, whilst moist circular napkins, made in the shape of magnificent wafers out of plantain fibre, acted at once both the part of water and towel.

Further, at this juncture, the canoe we had chased turned broadside on us, and joined in the threatening demonstrations of the people on shore.

The court then broke up and we went home.

Ukulima was also hospitable for on one occasion, when another chief came to visit him, he received his guest and retainers with considerable ceremony, making all the men of the village get up a dance which they did, beating the drums and firing off guns, like a lot of black devils let loose.

All the Wagungu talked in whispers, and nothing was heard but the never ceasing harps and harmonicons.


We heard that Bombay had shot a cow before Kamrasi and would not be allowed to return until he had eaten it.

I went again after the herd of six Recertification for MCSE: Private Cloud 70-981 Pdf buffaloes, as I thought one was wounded, and after walking up a long sloping hill for three miles towards the east, I found myself at once in view of the Nile on one hand, and the long heard of Asua river on the other, backed by hills even higher than the Jbl Kuku.

After receiving more pombe from the chief, and, strange to say, hot water to wash with for he did not know how else to show hospitality better we started again in the same straggling manner as yesterday.

Wishing now to gain further intelligence of Grant, I ordered some of my men to carry a letter to him but they all feared the Watuta meeting them on the way, and would not.

The whole camp, of course, was in a blaze at this their tribe was insulted, and they would not stand it, until Bombay put down their pride with a few strings of beads, as the best means of restoring peace in the camp.

Night with its gloom was then drawing on, heightened by thunder and lightning, which set in all around us.

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At noon, all the rear troops arrived with Bombay and Piejoko in person.

The Kamraviona was sent to us with four loads of fish and a request for ammunition, notwithstanding everything asked for yesterday had been refused until we reached the vessels.

They carried at the same time a present of a canister of shot from me to the king.

My cough still grew worse, and became so bad that, whilst mounting a hill on entering Ungugu s the second day after, I blew and grunted like a broken winded horse, and it became so distressing I had to halt a day.

For all these matters the commander in chief tells off the divisional officers, who are approved by the king, and the matter is ended in court.

I said that it was at my request that Mtesa sent Kamrasi a present and so now, if Kamrasi made friends with the Waganda, there would be no difficulty about the matter.

We did not think our reception hut by the river sufficiently dignified, and our residence here was altogether like that of prisoners seeing no one, knowing no one.

To follow up our success in the marching question and keep the king to his promise, I called at his palace, but found he had gone out shooting.

The Kidi visitors said, Nonsense we don t believe in their power, but we will see.

During the next two days, as my men had all worn out their clothes, I gave them each thirty necklaces of beads to purchase a suit of the bark cloth called mbugu, 70-981 Exam Preparation already described.

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We walked along under the umbrella, first looking down one street of huts, then up another, and, finally, passing the sleeping chamber, stopped at one adjoining it.

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One substantial fact has been established, owing to our having crossed over ten degrees of latitude in the centre of the continent, or from 5 south to 5 north latitude, which is this There exists a regular gradation of fertility, surprisingly rich on the equator, but decreasing systematically from it and the reason why this great fertile zone is confined to the equatorial regions, is the same as that 70-981 Preparation Materials which has constituted it the great focus of water or lake supply, whence issue the principal rivers of Africa.

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Here I halted to please Magamba, the governor, who is a relation of Microsoft 70-981 Pdf the king.

That hut, said the king, is the one I sleep in no one of my wives dare venture within it unless I call her.

It was reported they had been seen in M yonga s establishment and I was at the same time informed that the husbands who were out in search of them would return, as M yonga was likely to demand a price for them if they were claimed, in virtue of their being his rightful property under the acknowledged law of buni, or findings keepings.

The rest of the business of the day consisted in applications for medicine and medical treatment, which it was difficult satisfactorily to meet.

Then, having once got them together, he ordered them all to furnish him Microsoft 70-981 Pdf with so 70-981 Pdf many porters a head, saying he demanded it of them, for the great government s property could not be left on the ground.

This right is called Hongo, in the plural Mahongo.

Towards sunset we arrived at New Mbimi, a very pretty and fertile place, lying at the foot of a cluster of steep hills, and pitched camp for three days to lay in supplies for ten, as this was reported to be the only place where we could buy corn until we reached Ugogo, a span of 140 miles.

Baraka then, in the most doleful manner, said he would go if the Pig would.

Colonel Rigby, who had at heart as much as anybody the success of the expedition, materially assisted me in accomplishing my object that men accustomed to discipline and a knowledge of English honour and honesty should be enlisted, to give confidence to the rest of the men and he allowed me to select from his boat s crew any men I could find who had served as men of war, and had seen active service in India.

Maizan, came to a fatal termination, that gentleman having been barbarously murdered by the sub chief Hembe.

Most of the cows for ourselves and the guides for the king gave them also a present, ten each were driven into 70-981 Test Answers camp.

The southerners, speaking of these, would call them Wakidi, Wagani, and Wamadi, but among themselves the syllable was is not prefixed, as in the southern dialects, to signify people.

Rozaro s sister also came, and proposed to marry me, for Maula, she said, was a brutal man he killed one of his women because he did not like her, and now he had clipped one of this poor creature s ears off for trying to run away from him and when abused for his brutality, he only replied, It was no fault of his, as the king set the example in the country.

Confound Kamrasi was the reply does he think we came here to trick kings that he doubts our words We came to open the road and, as sure as we wish it, we will send him everything that has been promised.

From this place a good view is obtained of Uzegura.

The books of birds and animals had 70-981 Exam Guide Pdf next to be seen, and being admired were coveted, the king offering one of the books I first gave him in exchange for one of these.

Is there any medicine for women or children which will prevent the offspring from dying shortly after birth for it is a common infirmity in this country with some women, that all their children die before they are able to walk, whilst others never lose a child.

I never heard, and there appeared no curiosity to know, what individual human being the urchin had deprived of life.

After this, as Bombay brought up the last of my skulking men, I bade him good bye again, and made an afternoon march on to Takina, in the district of Msalala, which we no sooner approached than all the inhabitants turned out and fired their arrows at us.

Every day this sort of migration continued, just as you see in the picture and nothing more important occurred until Christmas day, when an armadillo was caught, and I heard from Mahamed s head wife that the Turks had plundered and burnt down three villages, and in all probability they would return shortly laden with ivory.

I began conversation with a speech of courtesy, explaining how I had left my brother Grant and my great friend Rumanika at Karague hastening, in compliance with the invitation of the king, to visit him and herself, with the full hope of making friends in Uganda but now I had come, I was greatly disappointed for I neither saw half enough of their majesties, nor did any of their officers ever call upon me to converse and pass away the dreary hours.

Kasoro on this said, Mtesa will do so in a minute if you send a servant to him, but he won t if we only say you wish it.

On the 15th the Manuela was sent to the Mauritius, and we, after passing the Comoro Islands, arrived at our destination, Zanzibarcalled Lunguja by the aborigines, the Wakhadim and Unguja by the present Wasuahili.

Moreover, the villagers, emboldened by my lenity, vauntingly declared they would attack the camp by night, as they could only recognise in us such men as plunder their houses and steal their children.

In one of their slaves the latter statement was easily confirmed.

I now succeeded in sending for I could not, under the jealous eyes in Uganda, get it done earlier a present of fifteen pints mixed Recertification for MCSE: Private Cloud 70-981 beads, twenty blue eggs, and five copper bracelets, to the commander in chief, as a mark of friendship.

Everybody advised me to stop where I was until the harvest was over, as no porters could be found on ahead, for Ukuni was the last of the fertile lands on this side of Usui.

Heavy rain now set in, and we got under cover but the brothers never moved, some even sitting in the 70-981 Pdf streaming gutter, and n yanzigging whenever noticed.

His headquarters were at Kich, some way down the river, where, as we passed, he hoped at least he might be able to show us as much attention and hospitality as lay in his power.

Beads and brass wire, exchanged for ivory or slaves, are the only articles of foreign manufacture any Mganda can hold in his possession.

All n yanzigged for this great condescension, and said they were delighted with their guest then producing a strip of common joho to compare it with my blanket, they asked if I could recognise it.

Not being aware of the value of the offering, I simply requested the Sheikh to give him four yards of American sheeting, and thought no more about the matter, until presently I found the cloth returned.

They said Kamrasi would not expect us to attack them with our guns.


Had his camp been fortified, he think he would have been too much for his enemies but, as it was, he retaliated by shooting Short legs in the head, and at once bolted back to Kaze with a few slaves as followers, and his three wives.

With a constant reiteration of these scenes the saluting at one time, the music at another interrupted only once by a number of girls dancing something like a good rough Highland fling whilst the little band played, the day s ceremonies ended.

de Horsey the Admiral himself accompanying us, on one of his annual inspections to visit the east coast of Africa and the Mauritius.

Sangizo opened the battle by saying, Ntalo, who are you N.


The king, in his red coat and wideawake, conducted the arrangements, ordering all C_TADM51_731 Answers to their proper places the women, in certain boats, the Wakungu and Wanguana in others, whilst I sat in the same boat with him at his feet, three women holding mbugus of pombe behind.

To day the king went the round of his relations, showing the beautiful things given him by the white man a clear proof that he 70-981 Certification Material was much favoured by the spirits, for neither his father nor any of his forefathers had been so recognised and distinguished by any sign as a rightful inheritor to the Uganda throne an anti Christian interpretation of omens, as rife in these dark regions now as it was in the time of King Nebuchadnezzar.

The guns, of course, I shall want again at some other time, when I will send one of my English children to visit him for now 70-981 Study Guide Pdf Kamrasi has opened his country to us, and given us leave to come and purchase ivory, I never shall be very far away.

In a huff he then absconded and my men those of them who were not too drunk came and said to me, For Godsake let us stop here.

N yamgundu then jointed us, and begged us to halt only one more day, as some of his women were still at Kisuere but Bombay, showing his nozzle rather flatter than usual, said, No I got this on account of your lies.

At first he objected that they would be killed, but finally he yielded, and appointed Budja, his Unyoro ambassador, for the service.

The huts were kept so clean and so neat, not a fault could be found with them the gardens the same.

Then, as soon as they left, I made Musa order some of his men off to Rungua, requesting the chief of the place to send porters to Mininga to remove all our baggage over to his palace at the same time I begged him not to fear the Watuta s threat to attack him, as Musa would come as soon as Recertification for MCSE: Private Cloud 70-981 Pdf the treaty was concluded, in company with me, to build a boma alongside his palace, as he did in former years, to be nearer his trade with Karague.

At last Bombay came back.

Much annoyed at this nonsense, I ordered my tent to be pitched.

Economy, care, or forethought never enters his head the first thing to hand is the right thing for him and rather then take the trouble even to look for his own rope to tie up his bundle, he would cut off his master s tentropes or steal his comrade s.

I said to him, Let us wait till Grant arrives we shall then have some one with us who won t shrink from whispers meaning Bombay and so I let the matter drop for the time being.

I did not like the look of this, so ordered Bombay to resume his position of factotum, and count over the kit.

I saw at once what the game was so I asked my friend where he got it, on which he at once pointed to Baraka.

At the same time I sent back some other men to Khoko, with cloth to buy grain for present consumption, as some of my porters were already reduced to living on wild herbs and white ants.

I of course had to fly into a passion and abuse Bombay.

The same roystering scene was repeated cups were too small, so the trough was employed and the queen graced it by drinking, pig fashion, first, and then handing it round to the company.

I said nothing but, with my heart in my shoes, I gave what I thought their due for coming so far, and motioned them to be off then calling on the Pig for his decision, I tried to argue again, though I saw it was no use, for 70-981 Pdf FRENDA there was not one of my own men who wished to go on.

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I then separated ten loads of beads and thirty copper wires for my expenses in Uganda wrote a letter to Petherick, which I gave to Baraka and gave him and his companion beads to last as money for six months, and also a present both for Kamrasi and the 70-981 Pdf Gani chief.


He was far too big minded for the sphere which he occupied and my surprise now is that he ever took service, knowing what he should, at the time of enlistment, have expected, that no man would be degraded to make room for him.

FN 22 In no view that can be taken of it, however, does this unsettled matter touch the established fact that the head of the Nile is in 3 south latitude, where in the year 1858, I discovered the head of the Victoria N yanza to be.

It is as the result of these expeditions that one half Usogo and the remaining half of Uddu have been annexed to Uganda.

I became dead tired of living all alone, with nothing else to occupy my time save making these notes every day in my office letter book, as my store of stationery was left at Karague.

Presently the thought struck me that the rifle, which was always infallible in gaining me admittance at the palace, might be of the same service now.

The mosquito curtains were again asked for, and refused until I should leave this.

Bombay, also in a fright, said, Pray don t do so you don t know these savages as we do there is no knowing what will happen it may defeat our journey altogether.

Believing, as they do, that Africa formerly belonged to Europeans, from whom it was taken by negroes with whom they had allied themselves, 70-981 Study Guide the Wahuma make themselves a small residue of the original European stock driven from the land an idea which seems natural enough when we consider that the Wahuma are, in numbers, quite insignificant compared with the natives.

After cooking, when the night has set it, the everlasting 70-981 Pdf dance begins, attended with clapping of hands and jingling small bells strapped to the legs the whole being accompanied by a constant repetition of senseless words, which stand in place of the song to the negroes for song they have none, being mentally incapacitated for musical composition, though as timists they are not to be surpassed.

Recent letters from the Arabs in the interior, however, gave hopes of peace being shortly restored.

Still he persisted, until, finding it hopeless, he spitefully told N yamgundu to keep me here at least two days.

His reply was that he would tell the king and he immediately rose and walked away home.

Most gladdening news this day came in to cheer me.

Thinking then how I could best cure the disease that was keeping me down, as I found the blister of no use, I tried to stick a packing needle, used as a seton, into my side but finding it was not sharp enough, in such weak hands a mine, to go through my skin, I got Baraka to try and he failing too, I then made him fire me, for the coughing was so incessant I could get no sleep at night.

It was necessary to get up hot temper, else there was no knowing how far he would go so I returned him his presents, and told the sheikh, instead of giving four, to fling six cloths in his face, and tell him that the holy stone story was merely a humbug, and I would take care no more white men ever came to see APP-101 Questions And Answers Pdf him again.

Finally, all the houses and plantains where my men were wounded had been confiscated.

Arguments were useless, for, simply because they were tired of going on, they WOULD not see that as they were receiving pay every day, they therefore ought to work every day.

It was useless to argue with such a passionate man, so I told him to go away and cool himself before morning.

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23d and 24th.

After working round the end of the great spur whilst following down the crest of a fork, we found Karague separated by a deep valley from the hilly country of Uhaiya, famous for its ivory and coffee productions.

Though I repeatedly dunned him for it, I could never get it back from him until I was preparing to leave Uganda.

It was a most ridiculous scene.

The boy who had provoked me was then dragged in, tied by his neck and hands, when the king asked him by whose orders he had acted in such a manner, knowing that I objected to it, and wished to speak to him on the subject first.

Presently elephants were seen, also buffalo and the guide, to make the journey propitious, plucked a twig, denuded it of its leaves and branches, waved it like a wand up the line of march, muttered some unintelligible words to himself, broke it in twain, and threw the separated bits on either side of the path.

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