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In front of his hut he had his church or uganga a tree, in which was fixed a blaue boc s horn charged with magic powder, and a zebra s hoof, suspended by a string over a pot of water sunk in the earth below it.

Instead of paddling all down the lake again, I walked over the hill, and, on crossing at its northern end, whished to shoot ducks but the superstitious boatmen put a stop to my intended amusement by imploring me not to do so, lest the spirit of the lake should be roused to dry up the waters.

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Tell my brother to keep his mind at rest Bombay is now on the boundary of Gani coming here, and will in due course arrive.

By his large establishment of wives, Kimera left a number of princes or Warangira, and as many princesses.

Rumanika once asked me to fight his brothers Rogero and M yongo, but my only reply to all had been the same I have no orders to fight with, only to make friends of, the great kings of Africa.

This double failure was a more serious affair then a mere slight for my cows were eaten up, and my men clamouring incessantly for food and though they might by orders help themselves ku n yangania by seizing from the Waganda, it hurt my feelings so much to witness this, that I tried from the first to dispense with it, telling the king I had always flogged my men for stealing, and now he turned them into a pack of thieves.

With him Bombay also brought three new deoles, for which I had to pay 160 dollars, and news that the war with Manua Sera was not then over.

This tempting news created a halt.

Of course I would not listen to this, as I had paid what his men asked for, and that was enough for me.

We heard that Ilmas, wife of Majanja, who, as I already mentioned, had achieved an illustrious position by services at the birth of the king, had been sent to visit the late king Sunna s tomb, whence, after observing certain trees which were planted, and divining by mystic arts what the future state of Uganda 70-413 Exam Dumps Pdf required, she would return at a specific time, to order the king at the time of his coronation either to take the field with an army, to make a pilgrimage, or to 70-413 Practice Test live a life of ease at home whichever of these courses the influence of the ordeal at the grave might prompt her to order, must be complied with by the king.

He said the vessels were far off, but he would send for them and although he once kept a large number of animals, he killed them all in practising with his guns.

No vessel ever could have gone up it, and it bore no comparison with the Nile itself.

I had to get up a storm at the grey beards, and said I could not stand going out of my road to see any one now, for I had already lost so much time by Makaka s trickery in Sorombo.

The whole affair gave us such an opinion of Kamrasi as induced us to think it would have served him right had we joined Mtesa and given him a thrashing.

He gave us cows, rice, and milk, with the best place he had to live in, and looked after us as constantly and tenderly as if he had been our father.

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This was Kachuchu, an old friend of Nasib s, who no sooner saw him than, beaming with delight, he said to us, Now, was I not right when I told you the HC-611-ENU Brain Dumps birds flying about on Lohugati hill were a good omen Look here what this man says Rumanika has ordered him to bring you on to his palace at once, and wherever you stop a day, the village officers are instructed to supply you with food at the king s expenses, for there are no taxes gathered from strangers in the kingdom of Karague.

The same day we crossed the Mgazi where we found several Wakhutu spearing fish in the muddy hovers of its banks.

The men composing the band were a mixture of Waganda and Wanyambo, who played on reed instruments made telescope fashion, marking time by hand drums.

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After anxiously watching, I found out that Meri was angry with me for not allowing Ilmas s woman to live in my house and, to conquer my resolution against it although I ordered it with a view to please Ilmas, for he was desperately in love with her she made herself sick by putting her finger down her throat.

My own men, knowing me, feared for me, as they did not know what a savage king would do in case I carried out my threat whilst the Waganda, lost in amazement at what seemed little less than blasphemy, stood still as posts.

I must also tell you they are dangerous in your hands, in consequence of your being ignorant of their properties.

After receiving more Microsoft 70-413 Exam Practice Pdf pombe from the chief, and, strange to say, hot water to wash with for he did not know how else to show hospitality better we started again in the same straggling manner as yesterday.

Now, as you were a friend of my father, I do hope you will patch up this war for me, which you must think is unjust.

Arrived at the usual throne room, he took his seat, dismissed the party of wives who had been following him, as well as the Wakungu, received pombe from his female evil eye averters, and ordered me, with my men, to sit in the sun facing him, till I complained of the heat, and was allowed to sit by his side.

It was shown to Baraka in the hope that we would come by the Karague route, but not to Mabruki, because he came from Uganda.

Outside the square again, in a line with the king, were the household arms, MCSM 70-413 Exam Practice Pdf a very handsome copper kettledrum, of French manufacture, surmounted on the outer edge with pretty little brass bells depending from swan neck shaped copper wire, two new spears, a painted leather shield, and magic wands of various devices, deposited on a carpet of leopard skins the whole scene giving the effect of true barbarous royalty in its uttermost magnificence.

Every minute increased this excitement.

Some Gani officials arrived to inform him that there were two white men in the vessel spoken of as at Gani a second vessel was coming in there, and several others were on their way.

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Fortunately for both, it was thought necessary for the Turks to keep on good terms with the father as an influential man and therefore, on receiving the tusk, Mahamed gave back the girl, and added a cow to seal their friendship.

But all went well in the end Massey s log, which I have mentioned as a present I intended for Mtesa, was packed up, and the page departed with it.

Ten cows were then driven in, plundered from Unyoro, and outside, the voices of the brave army who captured them were heard n yanzigging vehemently.

Everything that struck the eye was much admired and begged for, though nothing so much as my wideawake and mosquito curtains then, as the women were allowed to have a peep in and see Bana in his den, I gave them two sacks of beads, to make the visit profitable, the only alternative left me from being forced into inhospitality, for no one would drink from my cup.

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I was not a merchant who carried merchandise, but a prince like himself, come on a friendly mission 70-413 Study Guide Pdf to see him and Rumanika.

Musa, I must say, was most loud in his praises of Rumanika and on the other hand, as Musa, eight years ago, had saved Rumanika s throne for him against an insurrection got up by his younger brother Rogero, Rumanika, always regarding Musa as his saviour, never lost an opportunity to show his gratitude, and would have done anything that Musa might have asked him.

In the evening four pots of pombe and a pack of flour were brought, together with the chronometer, which was sent to be wound up damaged of course the seconds hand had been dislodged.

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At last, on the 26th, as the mules were brought it, I paid a hongo or tax of four barsati and four yards of chintz to the chief, and departed, but not until one of my porters, a Mhehe, obtained a fat dog for his dinner he had set his heart on it, and would not move until he had killed it, and tied it on to his load for the evening s repast.

He took the affair very seriously, delivering himself to the following purport Well, then, my days are numbered for if I refuse compliance I shall lose my head and if I attempt to pass Kamrasi s, which is on the river, I shall lose my life for I am a marked man there, having once led an army past his palace and back again.

Suwarora by this time knows I am coming, and you may depend on it he will be just as anxious to have us in Usui as Makaka is to keep 70-413 New Questions us here, and he cannot hurt us, as Rumanika is over him, and also expects us.

He said he did not like Unyoro, because Kamrasi hides himself like a Neptune in the Nile, 070-646BIG5 Certification whenever his men go on a visit there, and instead of treating his guests with respect, he keeps them beyond the river.

We did not think our reception hut by the river sufficiently dignified, and our residence here was altogether like that of prisoners seeing no one, knowing no one.

I was still laid up with the cold fit of the 10th, which turned into a low kind of fever.

They are of low stature and thick set and their nature tends to the boisterous.

Dr Roscher, who during my absence had made a successful journey to the N yinyezi N yassa, or Star Lake, was afterwards murdered by some natives in Uhiyow and Lieutentant Colonel Baron van der Decken, another enterprising German, was organising an expedition with a view to search for the relics of his countryman, and, if possible, complete the project poor Roscher had commenced.

The scheme was successful, for the report of the gun which killed the bird reached the king s ear, and induced him to say that if Bana was present he would be glad to see him.

There was something specially aggravating in this precedence for it will be remembered that these very brass wires which they saw, I had myself intended for Mtesa, that they were taken from me by Suwarora as far back as Usui, and it would never do, without remonstrance, to have them boastfully paraded before my eyes in this fashion.


The king then, ever attentive to our position as guests, sent his royal musicians to give us a tune.

I then told them, finally that their proposals were now beyond my power, for I had a duty to perform as well as themselves, and in a day or two I should be off.

The largest island on the lake is the Sese, FN 20 off the mouth of the Katonga river, where another of the high priests of the Neptune of the N yanza resides.

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The palace to be visited lay half a mile beyond the king s, but the highroad to it was forbidden me, as it is considered uncourteous to pass the king s gate without going in.

To supply its place, we took six small boats, turning my men into sailors, and going as we liked.

She was married to another, and had two children by him, but that did not signify, as it was found in time her husband had committed a fault, on account of which it was thought necessary to confiscate all his property.

25th and 26th.

Some other travellers from the north again informed us that they had heard of Wanguana who attempted to trade in Gani 70-413 Exam Demo and Chopi, but were killed by the natives.

I felt grieved at their touching appeals but, as I did not understand all they said, I simply replied by patting my heart and shaking my head, walking if anything all the faster.

It was a great pity for Manua Sera was so much liked by the Wanyamuezi, they would, had they been able, have done anything to restore him.

I sent the picture required, and an angry message to Kamrasi for breaking his word, as he promised us we should go without a day s delay and go we must, for I could neither eat nor sleep from thinking of my home.

I then promised I would do what I could when I reached the palace, but feared to do anything in the distance.

Till lately, a party from Unyoro, ivory hunting, had driven them away.

A Kisuahili grammar, written by Dr.

Then, arrived at the cook shop, he throws the bird down on the ground, holds its head between his toes, plucks the feathers to bare its throat, and then, raising a prayer, cuts its head off.

Before going home we had some more polite conversation, during which the queen played with a toy in the shape of a cocoa du mer, studded all over with cowries this was a sort of doll, or symbol of a baby and her dandling it was held to indicate that she would ever remain a widow.

Off we started by sunrise to the bottom of the hills overlooking the head of the Little Windermere lake.

Snay knew better than any one how to deal with savages, CX-310-065 Real Exam and determined on setting out as soon as his army had eaten their beef feast of war.

Being poor men, they thought much of a cow or goat given gratis, and were content to live in any hovels.

This was no sooner interpreted than he said, if I would send my men to him with letters in the morning he would forward them on, accompanied with an army.

Very lavish with stale sour pombe, she gave us all some, saving the Wasumbua, whom she addressed very angrily, asking what they wanted, as they have been months in the country.

Though rain fell in torrents, he found the king holding a levee, giving appointments, plantations, and women, according to merit, to his officers.

They did not wish to rob me, and would give up their hire, but not one step more would they advance.

Maula, all smirks and smiles, on seeing me order the things out for the march, begged I would have patience, and wait till the messenger returned from the king it would not take more than ten days at the most.

Chapter XIII Palace, Uganda Continued A Visit to a Distinguished Statesman A Visit from the King Royal Sport The Queen s Present of Wives The Court Beauties and their Reverses Judicial Procedure in Uganda Buffalo Hunting A Musical Party My Medical Practice A Royal Excursion on the N yanza The Canoes of Uganda A Regatta Rifle Practice Domestic Difficulties Interference of a Magician The King s Brothers.

Slavery had received a severe blow by the sharp measures Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure 70-413 Colonel Rigby had taken in giving tickets of emancipation to all those slaves whom our Indian 70-413 Exam Practice Pdf FRENDA subjects the Banyans had been secretly keeping, and by fining the 70-413 Exam Dump masters and giving the money to the men to set them up in life.

The Watuta were out in all directions plundering cattle and burning villages, and the Wahuma of this place had taken such fright, they made a stealthy march with all their herds to a neighbouring chief, to whom it happened that one of Lumeresi s grey beards was on a visit.

He begged us to go on in our course, whilst he would go back and send us some porters to carry home the game.

Feeling much freer, we now went over and put up in Pong s palace, for we had to halt there a day to collect more porters, as half my men had just bolted.

One of the Queen s sisters, hearing of Kari s murder, came on a visit to condole with us, bringing a pot of pombe, for which she received some beads.

On a rock by the river stood a number of armed men, jumping, jabbering, and thrusting with their spears, just as the Waganda do.

He seemed to comprehend it immediately, and assembled the desired Wakungu but, to my mortification, he kept all the conversation to himself, Waganda fashion spoke a lot of nonsense and then asked his men what they thought had better be done.

21st and 22d.

In return he received four yards merikani and one dubuani, which Bombay settled, as the little Sheikh, ever done by the sultans, pleaded indisposition, to avoid the double fire he was always subjected to on these occasions, by the sultans grasping on the one 70-413 Cert Guide side, and my resisting on the other for I relied on my strength, and thought it very inadvisable to be generous with my cloth to the prejudice of future travellers, by decreasing the value of merchandise, and increasing proportionately the expectations of these negro chiefs.

This amused Kamrasi greatly, and induced me to inquire how his purity of blood was maintained Was the king of Unyoro chosen, as in Uganda, haphazard by the chief men or did the eldest son sit by succession on the throne The reply was, The brothers fought for it, and the best man gained the crown.

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The villages are not large or numerous, but widely spread, consisting generally of conical grass huts, while others are gable ended, after the coast fashion a small collection of ten or twenty comprising one village.

It took me two hours, with my clothes tucked up under my arms, to get through them all and many of them were so matted with weeds, that my feet sank down as though I trod in a bog.

In the highest good humour the king said, As you have come to see me and see sights, I will order some boats and show you over the lake, with musicians to play before you, or anything else that you like.

The king looked hard at his head page, who was once sent to get these very things now given, and then turning the subject adroitly, asked me how many cows and women I would like, holding his hand up with spread fingers, and desiring me to count by hundreds but the reply was, Five cows and goats would be enough, for we wished to travel lightly in boats, starting from the Murchison Creek.

The bridge was broken, as a matter of course and the logs which composed it, lying concealed beneath the water, were toed successively by the leading men, that those who followed should not be tripped up by them.

Next morning, sure enough, before we could get under way, M yonga sent his prime minister to say that the king s sisters and other members of his family had been crying and tormenting him all night for having let me off so cheaply they had got nothing to cover their nakedness, and I must pay something more.

I wish to know positively if you would like English traders to come here regularly, as the 70-413 Exam Practice Pdf Arabs do to trade at Karague and if so, would you give me a pembe magic horn as a warrant, that everybody may know Kamrasi, king of Unyoro, desires it Kamrasi replied, I like your proposition very much you shall have the horn you ask for, either large or small, just as you please and after you have gone, should we hear any English are at Gani wishing to come here, as my brothers are in the way we will advance with spears whilst they approach with guns, and between us both, my brothers must fly for I myself will head the expedition.

Here the patience of my men fairly gave way, for the village of Jiwa la Mkoa was only one long march distance from us and they, in consequence, smelt food on in advance much sweeter than the wild game and wild grasses they had been living on and many more of them could not resist deserting us, though they might, had we all pulled together, have gone more comfortably in, as soon as the rear property arrived next day with Baraka.

I must ascertain why he despised Englishmen without speaking with them, and I could not believe Kamrasi would prove less avaricious than either Rumanika or Mtesa, especially as Rumanika had made himself responsible for our actions.

At midnight the three muskets were returned, and I was so pleased with the young king s promptitude and honesty, I begged he would accept them.

Well, said I to Bombay, what was Suwarora like Oh, he is a very fine man just as tall, and in the face very like Grant in fact, if Grant were black you would not know the difference.

They were a squalid looking set, like the generality of the inhabitants of this 70-413 mountainous region.

It was written by Lieutenant Wilford, from the Purans of the Ancient Hindus.


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Any venture attracts them when hard up for food and the more roving it is, the better they like it.

I might thrash him, turn him into a porter, or do anything else that I liked with him, as long as I did not bring a charge of dishonesty against him.

I then begged he would allow me, whilst his men were absent at Unyoro, to go to the Masai country, and see the Salt Lake at the north east corner of the N yanza, and to lend me some of his boats for Grant to fetch powder and beads from Karague.

Even on our arrival at Ukara not one soul was visible.

Then, turning to Frij, he said, What would you do if they came go back with them To which Frij said, No, never, when Gani is so near they might cut our heads off, but that is all they could do.

To find themselves food with, I had given them all one necklace of beads each per diem since leaving Kaze, in lieu of cloth, which hitherto had been served out for that purpose.


I hope the reader who has followed my narrative thus far will be interested in knowing how my faithful children, for whose services I had no further occasion, and whom I had taken so far from their own country, were disposed of.

The books of birds and animals had next to be seen, and being admired were coveted, the king offering one of the books I first gave him in exchange for one of these.

I would rather have died than have failed in my journey, and yet failure seemed at this juncture inevitable.

They wear additional ornaments, charms, c.

All the Wanguana had been either killed or driven away by M yonga s men, who all turned out and fell upon the caravan, shooting, spearing, and plundering, until nothing was left.

By making another morning and evening march, we then reached the western extremity of this cultivated opening where, after sleeping the night, we threaded through another forest to the little clearance of Kigue, and in one more march through forest arrived in the large and fertile district of Unyanyembe, the centre of Unyamuezi the Land of the Moon within five miles of Kaze which is the name of a well in the village of Tbora, now constituted the great central slave and ivory merchants depot.

Musa then told me it was well it turned out so for Manua Sera would never believe the Arabs, as they had broken faith so often before, even after exchanging blood by cutting incision in one another s legs the most sacred bond or oath the natives know of.

When the rain had ceased, and we were again called in, he was found sitting in state as before, but this time with the head of a black bull placed before him, one horn of which, knocked off, was placed alongside, whilst four living cows walked about the court.

Small bugu cups were not enough to keep up the excitement of the time, so a large wooden trough was placed before the queen and filled with liquor.

K yengo went to the palace with fifty prisoners but as the king had taken his women to the small pond, where he has recently placed a tub canoe for purposes of amusement, they did no business.

The Pig then finally refused, saying three loads even would not tempt him, for all were opposed to it.

I complained that Bombay had been shown more respect than myself, obtaining an immediate admittance to the king s presence.

All the elite of the place, covered with war paints, and dressed, so far as their nakedness was covered at all, like clowns in a fair, charging down the hill full tilt with their spears, and, after performing their customary evolutions, mingled with our men, and invited us up the hill, where we no sooner arrived than Chongi, a very old man, attended by his familiar, advanced to receive us one holding a white hen, the other a small gourd of pombe and a little twig.

I strove in vain, for no one would lift a load unless I complied so, perforce, I went there, in company, however, with Mfumbi, who now pretended to be great friends but what was the result On entering the palace we were shown into a cowyard without a tree in it, or any shade and no one was allowed to sell us food until a present of friendship was 70-413 Practise Questions paid, after which the hongo would be discussed.

Long tailhairs of the giraffe surrounded his neck, on which little balls and other ornaments of minute beads, after the Uganda fashion, were worked.

Here Kajunju, coming from behind, overtook us, and breathless with running, in the most excited manner, abused Dr K yengo s men for leading us on, and ordered us to stop until he saw the king, and ascertained the place his majesty wished us to reside in.

Of each of these he asked the use, and then in high glee put it into the big block tin box, in which he kept his other curiosities, and which I think he felt more proud of than any other possession.

I told Manua Sera I felt very much for him, and I would do my best if he would follow me to Kaze but I knew that nothing could ever be done unless he returned to the free trade principles of his father.

We slept under a tree, and this morning found a comfortable residence under the eaves of a capacious hut.


Here Sir George Grey, the Governor of the colony, who took a warm and enlightened interest in the cause of the expedition, invited both Grant and myself to reside at his house.

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We marched up the wet margin of swamp all day, crossing the water at a fork near the end.

37 36 45.

What is the interpretation of this sign, if it does not point to the favour in which Mtesa is upheld by the spirits I wished to go, but no Stop a little more, they said, all in a breath, or rather out of breath in their excitement remove the hat and show the hair take off the shoes and tuck up the trousers what on earth is kept in the pockets Oh, wonder of wonders and the iron As I put the watch close to the ear of one of them, Tick, tick, ticks woh, woh, woh everybody must hear it and then the works had to be seen.


The evening of the next day after leaving me at Kira, they obtained an interview with the king immediately for the thought flashed across his mind that Bombay had come to report our death, the Waganda having been too much for the party.

Kamrasi said, What will be the use of your going empty handed I cannot send cows and slaves to Rumanika when the road is so unsafe you must wait a bit.

Not one of them would come near me, for they knew I was friends with Kamrasi and Mahamed s men, when they saw mine attempting to converse with them, abused them for prying into other men s concerns.


I then ordered two of my men to go with two of Musa s to acquaint Manua Sera with what we were about, and to know his views on the subject but these men returned to say Manua Sera could not be found, for he was driven from pillar to post by the different native chiefs, as, wherever he went, his army ate up their stores, and brought nothing but calamities with them.


At first he objected that they would be killed, but finally he yielded, and appointed Budja, his Unyoro ambassador, for the service.

Despite, therefore, of the warnings of Budja, I strolled again with my rifle, and saw pallah, small plovers, and green antelopes with straight horns, called mpeo, the skin of which makes a favourite apron for the Mabandwa.

His only reply to this was, Bana is always in a preposterous hurry.

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