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on the journey northwards.

Alarmed at having got involved in something that looked like court intrigues, I called up N yamgundu told him all that happened yesterday, both at the two courts and with Maula at home and begged him to apply to the king for a meeting of five elders, that a proper understanding might be arrived at but instead of doing as I desired, he got into a terrible fright, calling Maula, and told me if I pressed the matter in this way men would lose their lives.

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The Wichwezi queen met her majesty with her head held very high, and instead of permitting me to sit on my box of grass, threw out a bundle of grass for that purpose.

Occasionally there was the fixing of certain crucial stations, at intervals of sixty miles or so, by lunar observations, or distances of the moon either from the sun or from certain given stars, for determining the longitude, by which the original timed course can be drawn out with certainty on the map by proportion.

The impudent magician, without leave, and contrary to all the usages of the country, had entered and set my house against itself during my absence, and had schemed to rob me of a goat.

I never felt so degraded as when I complied, and gave orders to my men to fire a volley as he approached my tent but I ate the dirt with a good grace, and met the young chief as if nothing had happened.

To intimidate a caravan and extort a hongo or tax, I have seen them drawn out in line as if prepared for battle but a few soft words were found sufficient to make them all withdraw and settle the matter at issue by arbitration in some appointed place.

Drawing near, I found that a number of drums were beaten by men 599-01 Questions And Answers Pdf in the centre.

About the same time a man of this place, who had been to Sorombo to purchase cows, came in with a herd, and was at once seized by Lumeresi for, during his absence, one of Lumeresi s daughters had been discovered to be with child, and she, on being asked who was the cause of it, pointed out that man.

They live near the N yanza where it is connected by a strait with a salt lake, and drained by a river to the northward in comfortable houses, built like the tembes of Unyamuezi.

These extremes, however, are not often resorted to, for the natives are usually content with simpler means, such as flaying a goat, instead of a child, to be walked over while, to prevent any evil approaching their dwellings a squashed frog, or any other such absurdity, when place on the track, is considered a specific.

Their young women go naked but the mothers suspend a little tail both before and behind.

After walking two miles to the boats, we entered the district of Chopi, subject to Unyoro, and went down the river, keeping the Kikunguru cone in view.

Wishing now to gain further intelligence of Grant, I ordered some of my men to carry a letter to 599-01 Dumps Pdf him but they all feared the Watuta meeting them on the way, and would not.

Now, as you were a friend of my father, I do hope you will patch up this war for me, which you must think is unjust.

The Turks, however, had their losses also for on the way four Bari men and one Bari slave girl slipped off with a hundred of their plundered cattle, and neither they nor the cattle could be found again.

I could get no answer so, to pass the time, we wished to know from the king s own lips if he had prevented Baraka from going to Gani, as he had carried orders from Rumanika as well as from myself to visit Kamrasi, to give him fifty egg beads, seventy necklaces of mtende, and seventy necklaces of kutuamnazi beads, and then to pass on to Gani and give its chief fifty egg beads and forty necklaces of kutuamnazi.

They had, since their arrival in the country, been daily in attendance at her palace, but never had the good fortune to see her excepting on such lucky occasions as brought the Wazungu white men here, when she opened her 599-01 Test Questions And Answers Pdf gates to them, but otherwise kept them shut.

Nnanaji, being a doctor of very high pretensions, in addition to a check cloth wrapped round him, was covered with charms.

These first explanations over, I entered my tent, in which Baraka had been living, and there I found a lot of my brass wires on the ground, lying scattered about.

Finally, we must wait two days, to see if Kamrasi would see us or not.

My men all mutinied here for increase of ration allowances.

There was, however, no message brought for myself and as the deputation did not come to me, I could only infer that I was quite forgotten, of that Musa, after all, had only been humbugging me.

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Some porters, overcome by heat and thirst, lay scattered along the road, while the corporal of the Hottentots allowed his mule to stray from him, never dreaming the animal would travel far from his comrades, and, in following after him, was led such a long way into the bush, that my men became alarmed for his safety, knowing as they did that the savages were out living 599-01 Simulation Questions like monkeys on the calabash fruit, and looking out for any windfalls, such as stragglers worth plundering, that might come in their way.

After these men had started, some friends of the villager who had been apprehended on the charge of assailing my men, came and offered Budja five cows to overlook the charge and Budja, though he could not overlook it when I pleaded for the man, asked me to recall my men.

It was all very pretty and very interesting, and would have continued so, had not Kasoro disgraced the Union Jack, turning it to piratical purposes in less than one hour.

My men n yanzigged the king walked away, giving orders for another officer to follow up the first who 599-01 Study Material went to Ukori, and bring Petherick quickly and I went home.

Hearing this, Snay, instead of attacking the village at once, commenced negotiations with the chief of the place by demanding him to set free his guest, otherwise they, the Arabs, would storm the tembe.


Ugogo, lying under the lee side of the Usagara hills, is comparatively sterile.

Nothing could be more filthy than the state of the palace and all the lanes leading up to it it was well, perhaps, that we were never expected to go there, for without stilts and respirators it would have been impracticable, such is the dirty nature of the people.

Masudi with his caravan arrived from Mchimeka Ungurue the Pig, who had led me astray, was, by the way, his kirangozi or caravan leader.

God only knows what became of the rest but the one I selected, on reaching home, I gave to Ilmas, my valet, for a wife.

Nobody was allowed to be present at our interview.

It was not that we required these things, but I knew that the king had ordered them to be given to us, and I thought it right we should show that his officers, if they professed to obey his orders, had peculated.

This unexpected good news delighted me exceedingly confirmed my belief that Baraka, after all, was a coward, and induced me to recommend Bombay to make his cowardice more indisputable by going on and doing what he had feared to do.

Most gladdening news this day came in to cheer me.

When the review was over, I complimented Mahamed on the efficiency of his corps, and, retiring to my hut, as I thought I had him now in a good humour, again discussed our plans for going ahead the next day.

Before leaving, Kaggao presented us with two cows and ten baskets of potatoes.

If that is the case, I said, taking things easy, how is RCSP-SD 599-01 Simulation Questions it you have opened my loads and scattered the wires about in the tent Oh, that was to take care of them for I thought, if they were left outside all night with the rest of the property, some one would steal them, and I should get the blame of it.


Such a man was an element of discord in our peaceful caravan.

To bring the matter to a climax, Mrs.

We heard that Bombay had shot RCSP-SD 599-01 Simulation Questions a cow before Kamrasi and would not be allowed to return until he had eaten it.

But when Grant came, we had 599-01 Simulation Questions it out of him, and found this terrible mystery all hung on Lumeresi s 642-262 Exam Materials prognostications that we never should get through Usui with so little cloth.

Wishing to leave behind a favourable impression, I instantly complied.

His remains were then taken to Moga Namirinzi, in the same manner as were those of Dagara but, as an improvement on the maggot story, a young lion emerged from the heart of the corpse and kept guard over the hill, from whom other lions came into existence, until the whole place has become infested by them, and has since made Karague a power and dread to all other nations for these lions became subject to the will of Dagara, who, when attacked by the countries to the northward, instead of assembling an army of men, assembled his lion force, and so swept all before him.

I took a first convalescent walk.

But Rumanika s men have all gone away, and there is no one to show us the way.

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At night the Waganda startled us by setting fire to the huts our men were sleeping in, but providentially did more damage to themselves than to us, for one sword only was buried in the fire, whilst their own huts, intended to be vacated in the morning, were burnt to the ground.

I had no opportunity of incurring this responsibility for while professing to prepare for the operation, the king went off it a fling.

This was the sacrifice of a child by cooking, as described in the introduction a ceremony which it fell to K yengo to carry out.

That, of course, could not be listened to, as it was against the principle of our country.

A Kisuahili grammar, written by Dr.

I then ordered a march for the next morning, and went out in the fields to take my regular observations for latitude.

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On resuming our march, a bird, called khongota, flew across our path seeing which, old Nasib, beaming with joy, in his superstitious belief cried out with delight, Ah, look at that good omen now our journey will be sure to be prosperous.

14th and 15th.

The first step now taken was to pitch camp under large shady mango trees, and to instruct every man in his particular duty.

Its import was, that we must defer the march, as it was reported the refractory brother Rionga harboured designs of molesting us on the way, and therefore the king conceived it prudent to clear the road by first fighting him.

They told me that the Koki governor had taken such fright in consequence of my anger when I refused his proffered goat, that he had traced the calf back to Kitwara, and now wished to take Kidgwiga a prisoner to Kamrasi s for having seized five cows of his, and a woman from another governor.

When this discourse was ended, ever perplexed about the Tanganyika being a still lake, I enquired of Mohinna and other old friends what they thought about the Marungu river did it run into or out of the lake and they all still adhered to its running into the lake which, after all, in my mind, is the 070-521-VB Test Dump most conclusive argument that it does run out of the lake, making it one of a chain of lakes leading to the N yanza, and through it by the Zambezi into the sea for all the Arabs on the former journey said the Rusizi river ran out of the Tanganyika, as also the Kitangule ran out of the N yanza, and the Nile ran into it, even though Snay said he thought the Jub river drained the N yanza.

On the other hand, I argued that Grant must have arrived long ago at Kamrasi s, and removed all these difficulties for us but, I said, if they would send men, let Bombay start at once by land, and we will follow in boats, after giving him time to say we are coming.

I did not suspect her intention, because of late she had appeared much more than ordinary happy, behaving to me in every respect like a dutiful Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional - Storage Delivery 599-01 Simulation Questions child to a parent.

The long and short Riverbed 599-01 of this story is, that the freed men generally turn out a loose, roving, reckless set of beings, quick witted as the Yankee, from the simple fact that they imagine all political matters affect them, and therefore they must have a word in every debate.

On my return I met a page sent to invite me to the palace.

but the Hottentots wanted nourishment much more than ourselves, and as their dinner always consisted of what we left, short commons was the fate in store for them.

He urged me again to devise 599-01 Training Guide some plan for overcoming him and, becoming more and more confidential, favoured me with the following narrative, by way 599-01 New Questions of evidence how the spirits were inclined to show all the world that he was the rightful successor to the throne When Dagara died, and he, Nnanaji, and Rogero, were the only three sons left in line of succession to the crown, a small mystic drum of diminutive size was placed before them by the officers of state.

Just at this juncture an adjutant flew overhead, and, by way of fun, I presented my gun, when the excited king, like a boy from school, jumped up, forgetting his company, and cried, Come, Bana, and shoot the nundo I know where he has gone follow me.

M yonga did not wish to see me, because he did not know the coast language.

Saidi told him his tribe kept cattle with the same stupendous horns as those of the Wahuma and also that, in the same manner, they all mixed blood and milk for their dinners, which, to his mind, confirmed my statement.

K yengo and the representatives of Usui and Karague now arrived by order of the king to bid farewell, and received the slaves and cattle lately captured.

The bearer of the letter was at once to go and search for porters at Rungua, but not a word was said about the armed men I had ordered.

A strange but characteristic story now reached my ears.

It was a perfect paradise for negroes as fast as they sowed they were sure of a crop without much trouble though, I must say, they kept their huts and their gardens in excellent order.

And did you get drunk O yes, said Bombay, grinning, and showing his whole row of sharp pointed teeth, they WOULD make me drink and then they showed me the place they assigned for your camp when you come over there.

Yaragonjo brought us a present of a goat and plantains.

I began conversation with a speech of courtesy, explaining how I had left my brother Grant and my great friend Rumanika at Karague hastening, in compliance with the invitation of the king, to visit him and herself, with the full hope of making friends in Uganda but now I had come, I was greatly disappointed for I neither saw half enough of their majesties, nor did any of their officers ever call upon me to converse and pass away the dreary hours.

To make the most of the king s good humour, while I wanted to screen myself from the blazing sun, I asked him if he would like to enjoy the pleasures of an umbrella and before he had time to answer, held mine over him as we walked side by side.

Not knowing what was uppermost in his mind, I begged him to put whatever questions he liked, and he should be answered seriatim hoping to find him inquisitive on foreign matters but nothing was more foreign to his mind none of his countrymen ever seemed to think beyond the sphere of Uganda.


But now came the worst part of the day for, though rain was falling, I had not the heart to relinquish my game.

The king invited me to shoot with him really buffaloes close to the palace but as the pages had been sent off in a hurry, without being fully instructed, I declined, on the plea that I had always been gulled and kept waiting or treated with incivility, for hours before I obtained an interview and as I did not wish to have any more ruptures in the palace, I proposed Bombay should go to make proper arrangements for my reception on the morrow as anyhow, at present I felt indisposed.

He kept me some time waiting in his outer hut, and then called me in to where I found him sitting with his women a large group, by no means pretty.

To judge from Kaddu, it must have been very different from what she led us to expect, as, on joining us, he said there was not the smallest chance of our getting the road we required, for the queen was so decided about it no further argument would be listened to.

This intelligence delighted Rumanika as much as it did us, and he no sooner heard it than he said, with ecstasies, I will open Africa, since the white men desire it for did not Dagara command us to show deference to strangers Then, turning to me, he added, My only regret is, you will not take something as a return for the great expenses you have been put to in coming to visit me.

His eyes were long, face narrow, and nose prominent, after the true fashion of his breed and though a finely made man, considerably above six feet high, he was not so large as Rumanika.

This disgusting story made me quite sorry, when next day the Arabs arrived, expecting that I should attempt to help them but as the matter had gone so far, I asked them, in the first place, how they could hope Manua Sera would have any faith in them when they were so treacherous, or trust to my help, since they had killed Maula, who was my protege They all replied in a breath, Oh, let the past be forgotten, and assist us now for in you alone we can look for a preserver.

Tired and out of patience with our prison a river of crocodiles on one side, and swamps in every other direction, while we could not go out shooting without a specific order from the king I sent Kidgwiga and Kajunju to inform Kamrasi that we could bear this life no longer.

Suffice it to say, I had, through Baker s generosity, at that very moment enough and to spare but at his urgent request I took a few more yards of cloth for my men, and some cooking fat and, though I offered to pay for it, he declined to accept any return at my hands.

To call on the Sultan, of course, was our first duty.

They promised to take the message, but its delivery was quite another thing for no one can speak at this court till he is spoken to, and a word put in out of season is a life lost.

The ammunition I wrote for to Rumanika had been brought by Maula.

They had not actually come into Unyoro, but were in his dependency, the country of Gani, coming up the Nile in vessels.

Looking over the hills, it struck the fancy at once that at one period the whole land must have been at a uniform level with their present tops, but that by the constant denudation it was subjected to by frequent rains, it had been cut down and sloped into those beautiful hills and dales which now so much pleased the eye for there were none of those quartz dykes I had seen protruding through the same kink of aqueous formations in Usui and Karague nor were there any other sorts of volcanic disturbance to distort the calm quiet aspect of the scene.

I saw him no more, though he and all the other Arabs sent me presents of cows, goats, and rice, with a notice that they should have gone on their war oath before, only, hearing of my arrival, out of due respect to my greatness they waited to welcome me in.

Rising, with my hand to my heart, and gracefully bowing at this strange announcement for at that moment I was full of hunger and wrath I intimated I was much flattered at hearing it, but as my house was in a state of starvation, I trusted he would consider it.

Of paramount consideration is the power held by the magician Mganga , who rules the minds of the kings as did the old popes of Europe.

when the king had a picnic dinner with me, turned in with his women in great Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional - Storage Delivery 599-01 comfort, and sent me off to a dreary hut, where I had to sleep upon a grass strew floor.

Immediately afterwards, the gate between us being thrown open, the king, like a very child, stood before us, dressed for the first time, in public, in what Europeans would call clothes.

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Rozaro flew into a passion, and tried to release the magician as soon as he saw him, affecting intense indignation that I should take the law into my own hands when one of Rumanika s subjects was accused but only lost his dignity still more on being told he had acknowledged his inability to control his men so often when they had misbehaved, that I scorned to ask his assistance any longer.

Of course no business was done, for the thing was preposterous by all calculation, being close on 2500 per cent.

Still it was most gratifying to myself as I had written to the Geographical Society, on leaving Bogue, that if I found Petherick in Uganda, or on the northern end of the N yanza, so that the Nile question was settled, I would endeavour to reach Zanzibar via the Masai country.

Mabriki and Bilal come into camp they returned last night but the Waganda escort, afraid of my obtaining information of them before the king received it, kept them concealed.

A large shed was cleared for Grant and myself, and all my men were ordered to disperse, and chum in ones and twos with Mahamed s men for Mahamed said, now we had come there, his work was finished.

Grant and I now called together on the king to present the rifle, chair, and ammunition, as we could not thank him in words sufficiently for the favour he had done us in granting the road through Unyoro.


By making another morning and evening march, we then reached the western extremity of this cultivated opening where, after sleeping the night, we threaded through another forest to the little clearance of Kigue, and in one more march through forest arrived in the large and fertile district of Unyanyembe, the centre of Unyamuezi the Land of the Moon within five miles of Kaze which is the name of a well in the village of Tbora, now constituted the great central slave and ivory merchants depot.

My scent then striking across them, they pulled up short, lifted their heads high, and looked down sideways on us.

Then, proceeding with the Flood, I pointed out that the Europeans remained white, retaining Japhet s blood whilst the Arabs are tawny, after Shem and the African s black, after Ham.

There was no such thing as haggling with him you must pay and be off 599-01 Test Engine at once, failing which you might be detained a whole month before there would be an opportunity to speak on the subject again.

On the 23d another officer, named Maribu, came to me and said, Mtesa, having heard that Grant was left sick behind at Karague, had given him orders to 599-01 Study Material go there and fetch him, whether sick or well, for Mtesa was most anxious to see white men.

All my men were surprised as well as myself and the villagers who were escorting me in the hope of getting flesh, were so annoyed at their disappointment, they offered to cut my fore finger with a spear and spit on it for good luck.

The reader has now had my experience of several of the minor states, and has presently to be 00M-617 Dump Test introduced to Uganda, the most powerful state in the ancient but now divided great kingdom of Kittara.

The last three kings are Chiawambi, N yawongo, and the present king Kamrasi.

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Of course, is the reply excellent I won t use a mbugu napkin any more, but have one of these placed on my cup when it is brought to drink, and wipe my mouth with it afterwards.

At 3 p.

Kimera, suddenly risen to eminence, grew proud and headstrong formed a strong clan around him, whom he appointed to be his Wakunga, or officers rewarded well, punished severely, and soon became magnificent.

I gave him some beads and off he walked.

Where I said we may walk a long way without finding, if we have nothing but our eyes to see with.

I now made up my mind to sit till 3 p.

At this place all the people were in a constant state of inebriety, drinking pombe all day and all night.

To the right, at the end of the spur, stretching as far as the eye could reach towards the N yanza, was a rich, well wooded, swampy plain, containing large open patches of water, which not many years since, I was assured, were navigable for miles, but now, like the Urigi lake, were gradually drying up.

No I must have it now, and will send it you three times every day to look at.

They passed by our camp half borne down with their burdens of sliced flesh, suspended from poles which they carried on their shoulders but the following day I was disgusted by hearing that their masters had forbidden their eating the carrion, as the throats of the animals had not been cut and, moreover, had thrashed them soundly because they complained they were half starved, which was perfectly true, by the poor food that they got as their pay.

All the men who deserted on the 25th, save Johur and Mutwana, now came into camp, and told us they had heard from travellers that those men who had been sent on for reliefs to Kaze were bringing us a large detachment of slaves to help us on.

The presence of people who brought such results was of course by no means desirable.

Budja lost sight of the necessity there was for his going to Gani to bring back a gun, ammunition, and some medicine that is to say, brandy for his king and sent Riverbed 599-01 Simulation Questions his men off with mine to tell Mtesa all our adventures our double repulse, the intention to wait on the Unyoro side for further orders, and the account of some Waganda having wounded my men.

Here we were again brought to a standstill.

Suffice it now to say, after a long conversation, arguing all the pros and cons over, I settled I would write out all the articles of a treaty of peace, by which they should be liable to have all their property forfeited on the coast if they afterwards broke faith and I begged them to call the next day and sign it.

These Chopi people were leagued with the brothers, and thus kept the highroad to Gani, though the other half of Chopi remained loyal and though Kamrasi continually sent armies against the refractory half which aided his brothers, they never retaliated by attacking this place.

To be returned to them, but called in vain, as the scoundrels said, Findings are keepings, by the laws of our country and as we found your cows, so we will keep them.

In a few years after capture, or when confidence has been gained by the attachment shown by the slave, if 599-01 Questions And Answers the master is a trader in ivory, he will intrust him with the charge of his stores, and send him all over the interior of the continent to purchase for him both slaves and ivory but should the master die, according to the Mohammedan creed the slaves ought to be freed.

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But when this little business had been transacted, to my surprise he said I have orders from Suwarora to be absent five days to doctor a sick relation of his, for there is no man in the country so skilled in medicines as myself but whilst I am gone I will leave Karambule, my brother, to officiate in my stead about taking your hongo but the work will not commence until tomorrow, for I must see Suwarora on the subject myself first.

One of the Queen s sisters, hearing of Kari s murder, came on a visit to condole with us, bringing a pot of pombe, for which she received some beads.

A boy then in attendance was pointed out, as having seen Grant in Uddu ten days Riverbed 599-01 Simulation Questions ago.

Just as we were ready for crossing the river, a line of Kidi men was descried filing through the jungle on the opposite side, making their way for a new moon visit to Rionga, who occasionally leads them into battle against Ukero.

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All now went to the camp but what was my astonishment on reaching the hut to find every servant gone, along with the pots, pans, meat, everything and all in consequence of the king s having taken the drums on board, which, being unusual, HP2-E37 Test Dump was regarded as one of his delusive tricks, and a sign of immediate departure.

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Of the origin of the cairns I could not gain any information, though it struck me as curious I should find them in the first country we had entered governed by the Wahuma, as I formerly saw the same thing in the Somali country, which doubtless, in earlier days, was governed by a branch of the Abyssinians.

The Waguana then all mutinied for a cloth apiece, saying they would not lift a load unless I gave it.

When ready, I tried a shot at the sound one, but the cap snapped and nearly betrayed me, for they both stared at the spot where I lay the sound one sniffing the air and tossing his horns, but the other bleeding considerably.

Much disappointed at this, I now proposed to make for the track we came by in the morning, and follow it down into camp but this luxury was not destined to be our lot that night, for the rain had obliterated all our footprints of the morning, and we passed the track, mistaking it for the run of wild beasts.

Then, thinking how best he could serve me, he induced the Cape Parliament to advance to the expedition a sum of 00, for the purpose of buying baggagemules and induced Lieut.

For instance, as a sort of land tax, the chief has a right to drink free from the village brews of pombe a kind of beer made by fermentation , which are made in turn by all the villagers successively.

N yanza, as I have mentioned, merely means a piece of water, whether a pond, river, or lake and as no one knew which N yanza he meant, or what project was on foot, I started off in a hurry, leaving everything behind, and walked rapidly through gardens, over hills, and across rushy swamps, down the west flank of the Murchison Creek, till 3 p.

It also brought me to another single buck nsunnu, which was floored at once, and left to be carried home by some of my men in company 599-01 Testing with Waganda, whilst I went on, shot a third nsunnu buck, and tracked him by his blood till dark, for the bullet had pierced his lungs and passed out on the other side.

This Baker at once undertook, though he said he did not want my property and I drew out suggestions for him how to proceed.

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