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To this he gave two ready answers that every distinction shown my subordinate was a distinction to myself, and that we must not expect court etiquette from savages.

Chapter XII Palace, Uganda Continued Continued Diplomatic Difficulties Negro Chaffing The King in a New Costume Adjutant and Heron Shooting at Court My Residence Changed Scenes at Court The Kamraviona, or Commander in Chief Quarrels Confidential Communications with the King 300-320 Exam Collection Court Executions and Executioners Another Day with the Queen.


On inquiring how I could best deal with my difficult charge, I was told the Wahuma pride was so great, and their tempers so strong, they were more difficult to break in than a phunda, or donkey, though when once tamed, they became the best of wives.

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To talk over this matter, the king invited us to meet him.

One was a five barrelled pistol, another a large block in box, and so fourth but after looking at them, and seeing the pistol fired, he said No you must not shew these things at first, or the Mkama might get frightened, thinking them magic.

Here the whole of the inhabitants turned out to oppose us, imagining we had come there to revenge the Arab, Mohinna, because the Wagogo attacked him a year ago, plundered his camp, and drove him back to Kaze, for having shot their old chief Short legs.

It appears impossible to believe, judging from the physical appearance of the Wahuma, that they can be of any other race than the semiShem Hamitic of Ethiopia.

After arrival in the village, who should we see but the Uganda officer, Irungu The scoundrel, instead of going on to Uganda, as he had promised to do, conveying my present to Mtesa, had stopped here plundering the Wanyambo, and getting drunk on their pombe, called, in their language, marwa a delicious kind of wine made from the banana.

20th to 21st.

This was too powerful a temptation to be withstood, so, shouldering the rifle, and followed by half the village, if not more, women included, we went to the place, but, instead of finding a buck for the men had stretched a point to keep me at their village we found a herd of does, and shot one at the people s urgent request.

This officer gave me a cow and some plantains, and I in return gave him a wire and some beads.

This was alarming, for I feared I should be served the same trick, especially as all the people said this kind of treatment was a mere matter of custom which those great kings demanded as a respect due to their dignity and Bombay added, with laughter, they make all manner of fuss to entice one to come when in the distance, but when they have got you in their power they 300-320 Questions And Answers Pdf become haughty about it, and think only of how they can best impose on your mind the great consequence which they affect before their own people.

Then you can t to morrow, for I have Cisco 300-320 Questions And Answers Pdf business but the next day come if you like.

Such, however, was the case.

Both night and morning the Turks beat their drums and whenever they stopped to eat they sacked the villages.

He simply moved his train of women to another hut, where, after seating himself upon his throne, with his women around him, he invited me to approach the nearest limits of propriety, and to sit as before.

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as the king did not appear, leaving Bombay behind, I walked away to shoot a guinea fowl within earshot of the palace.

The love of good beer of course made our men all too tired to march again so I sent off Bombay with Nasib to make our excuses, and in the evening found them returning with a huge pot of pombe and some royal tobacco, which Rumanika sent with a notice that he intended it exclusively for our own use, for though there was abundance for my men, there was nothing so good as what came from the palace the royal tobacco was as sweet and strong as honey dew, and the beer so strong it required a strong man to drink it.

I now had a laugh at my friends Maula and Bombay for their misgivings of yesterday, telling them I knew more of human nature than they did but they shook their heads, and said it was all very well Bana having done it, but if Arabs or any other person had tried the same trick, it would have been another affair.

The gun firing brought Mtesa out, prepared for a shooting trip, with his Wakungu leading, the pages carrying his rifle and ammunition, and a train of women behind.

She threw me a bit, which to the surprise of everybody, I caught and threw it into my mouth, thinking it was some confection but the harsh taste soon made me spit it out again, to the amusement of the company.

Chapter VI Uzinza The Politics of Uzinza The Wahuma The Pig s Trick First Taste of Usui Taxation Pillaged by Mfumbi Pillaged by Makaka Pillaged by Lumeresi Grant Stripped by M Yonga Stripped Again by Ruhe Terrors and Defections in the Camp Driven back to Kaze with new Tribulations and Impediments.

He brought with him old Nasib and another man, and told me both Bui and Nasib had hidden themselves in a Boma close to Lumeresi s the day when my hongo was settled but they bolted the instant the drums beat, and my men fired guns to celebrate the event, supposing that the noise was occasioned by our fighting with Lumeresi.

When this was explained to him, I showed him that it was for the interest of his own kingdom to keep a check on Suwarora, whose exorbitant taxations prevented the Arabs from coming to see him and bringing things from all parts of the world.

We were informed that doubtless he was looking into his Uganga, or magic horn, 300-320 Questions And Answers Pdf FRENDA to discover what he had to expect from us and he seemed as yet to have found no ground for being afraid of us.

The policy and government of the vast possessions of Great Britain were then duly discussed, and Rumanika acknowledged that the pen was superior to that of the sword, and the electric telegraph and steam engine the most wonderful powers he had ever heard of.

On taking my seat, he proudly pointed to two vultures which he had shot with bullet, saying to his brothers, There, do you see these birds Bana shoots with shot, but I kill with bullets.


He reached N yamyongo s village before noon, asked for the officer, but was desired to wait in a hut until the chief should arrive, as he had gone out on business the villagers inquired, however, why we had robbed the Wanyoro yesterday, for they had laid a complaint against us.

I complied at once, by way of offering a special mark of respect And friendship, and on the reliance that he would keep his word.

A theft also had taken place, by which both Grant and Sirboko lost property and the thieves had been traced over the borders of the next district.

These animals were then, spread eagle fashion, laid on their backs upon grass and twigs, to be steeped over by the 070-411 Exam Vce travellers, that their journey might be prosperous and the spot selected for the ordeal was chosen in deference to the Mzimu, or spirit a sort of wizard or ecclesiastical patriarch, whose functions were devoted to the falls.

To intimidate a caravan and extort a hongo or tax, I have seen them drawn out in line as if prepared for battle but a few soft words were found sufficient to make them all withdraw and settle the matter at issue by arbitration in some appointed place.

After entering his palace, I immediately called on him to thank him for the great treat he had given me, and presented him, as an earnest of what I thought, with the Colt s revolving rifle and a fair allowance of ammunition.

Of course I took the opportunity to renew my protest against the plundering system but the king, changing the subject, told me the Wazungu were at Gani inquiring after us, and wishing to come here.

Here Sheikh Said broke down in health of a complaint which he formerly had suffered from, and from which I at once saw he would never recover sufficiently well to be ever effective again.

I maintained that if he was commissioned to help me, he at least could not refuse to give me a guide and interpreter when, if I failed in the direct route, I would try another, but go I must, as I could not hold out any longer, being short of beads and cows.

How what gate tell us all about it.

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Kaeru here presented us with a goat, and promised the boats in the morning.

To day I went out shooting, but though I saw and fired at a rhinoceros, as well as many varieties of antelopes, I did not succeed in killing one head.

Then the thirty five drums all struck up together in very good harmony and when their deafening noise was over, a smaller band of hand drums and reed instruments was ordered in to amuse us.

To do the best under these circumstances, I determined on going to Rungua with what kit could be carried, leaving Bombay behind with Musa until 070-299 Prep Guide such time as I should arrive there, and, finding more men, could send them back for the rest.

Then began congratulations and hand shakings, and, finally, the inspection of the bird, which, by this time, the Wasoga had thrown down.

A very little of that made me fidgety and impetuous, which the Waganda noticed, and, from fear of the consequences, they began to close the gate to prevent 070-515 Questions And Answers Pdf my walking away.

The eldest son, a fine young man considerably above six feet high, with large gashes on his body received in war during late skirmishes with the refractory brothers, now came in, did the honours, and, on hearing of the importance of his visitors, directed us to some huts a little distance off, where we could rest for the night, for there was no accommodation for such a large party in the palace.

They lent me as many surveying instruments as I wanted and, through Sir George Clerk, put at my disposal some rich presents, in gold watches, for the chief Arabs who had so generously assisted us in the last expedition.

At first the Wanguana attempted to track down the corporal but finding he would not answer their repeated shots, and fearful for their own safety, they came into camp and reported the case.

Still, private interviews might be granted, and I sent to inquire after the state of the king s health.

The officer s reply was, Suwarora would not show the white men any respect, because they were wizards would did not sleep in houses at night, but flew up to the tops of hills, and practised sorcery of every abominable kind.

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Here we halted.

I waved adieu, but still she followed.

Though disbelieving the story in all its minutiae, I felt that something serious must have happened so, without a moment s delay, I sent off the last of my men strong enough to walk to succour Grant, carrying with them a bag of beads.

These Men of the Moon are hereditarily the greatest traders in Africa, and are the only people who, for love of barter and change, will leave their own country as porters and go to the coast, and they do so with as much zest as our countryfolk go to a fair.

Colonel Rigby now gave me a most interesting paper, with a map attached to it, about the Nile and the Mountains of the Moon.

Eventually they drove me from my palace, and placed Mkisiwa there as chief in my stead.

Without loss of time I set to work, and, gathering all the travellers I could in the country, protracted, from their descriptions, all the distance topographical features set down in the map, as far north as 3 of north latitude, as far east as 36 and as far west as 26 of east longitude only afterwards slightly corrected, as I was better able to connect and clear up some trifling but doubtful points.

The matter, however, was merely deferred for I no sooner told him my plans for communicating quickly with Petherick and Grant, than, after saying he desired their coming even more than myself, he promised to arrange everything on the morrow.

It now transpired that Budja, when he told at the palace that there was no road down the banks 300-320 Guide of the Nile, did so in consequence of his fear that if he sent my whole party here they would rob these church lands, and so bring him into a scrape with the wizards or ecclesiastical authorities.

We crossed over a low spur of hill extending from the mountainous kingdom of Nkole, on our left, towards the N yanza.

Petherick, we heard, was in a difficulty of the same kind, upon which I proposed to go down with Baker and Grant to succour him but he arrived in time, in company with his wife and Dr James Murie, to save us the trouble, and told me he had brought a number of men with him, carrying ivory, for the purpose now of looking after me on the east bank of the Nile, by following its course up to the south, though he had given up all hope of seeing me, as a report had reached him of the desertion of my porters at Ugogo.

To these men the king narrated all the adventures of the day dwelling more particularly on my defending his wife s life, whom he had destined for execution.

I immediately read 300-320 Real Exam Questions this letter to Lumeresi, and asked him how I should answer it, as Grant refused to pay anything until I gave the order.

After he had passed the limits of plantain eating men, he came upon men who lived upon meat alone, who never wore mbugus, but either cloth or skins, and instead of the spear they used the doubleedged sime.

During the next two days, as my men had all worn out their clothes, I gave them each thirty necklaces of beads to purchase 300-320 Questions And Answers Pdf FRENDA a suit of the bark cloth called mbugu, already described.

To wait there any longer after this, I knew, would be a mere waste of time, so I ordered my men to pack up that moment, and we all marched over at once to Lumeresi s, when we put up in his boma.

I could not stand this we were literally, as Musa said we should be, being torn to pieces so I appealed to the mace bearers, protested that Makinga could have no claims on me, as he was not a man of Usui, but a native of Utambara, and brought on a row.

Possessed of a wonderful amount of loquacity, great risibility, but no stability a creature of impulse a grown child, in short at first sight it seems wonderful how he can be trained to work for there is now law, no home to bind him he could run away at any moment and presuming on this, he sins, expecting to be forgiven.

Whatever remained over was then divided by the boys, and the baskets taken to the cooks.

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The water for the camp is found 000-M63 Test Pdf in the river, but supplies of grain come from the village of Kipora farther on.

I sent Bombay off with a message to Kamrasi explaining everything, CCDP 300-320 and begging for an early interview, as I had much of importance to communicate, and wished, of all things, to see the letter he had from Gani, as it must have come from our dear friends at home.

As I was very hungry, I set off home to breakfast.


A guineafowl was sent after dark for me to see, as a proof that the king was a sportsman complete.

Not knowing what was uppermost in his mind, I begged him to put whatever questions he liked, and he should be answered seriatim hoping to find him inquisitive on foreign matters but nothing was more foreign to his mind none of his countrymen ever seemed to think beyond the sphere of Uganda.

He listened to the tale of the missing girl, and sent orders for her apprehension at once then proceeding with the gun, fired eight shots successively at guinea birds sitting on trees, but missed them all.

I had proposed to Grant that, as Lumeresi s territories extended to within eight miles of M yonga s, he should try to move over the Msalala border by relays, when I would send some Bogue men to meet him for though Lumeresi would not risk sending his men into the clutches of M yonga, he was most anxious to have another white visitor.

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Fortunately, the thief who attempted to run off with the goats was taken by my men in the act, tied with his hands painfully tight behind his back, and left, with his face painted white, till midnight, when his comrades stole into Bombay s hut and released him.

I sent three, feeling that nothing would be lost by being open handed.

Flight was now the only thought of our men, and all would have escaped had Kari not been slow and his musket empty.

Rumanika s men, too, would be allowed to go, only that the road was unsafe, and he feared Rumanika would abuse him if any harm befell them.

Of course, said I, it is made in my country, of the same material, only of coarser quality, and everything of the same sort is made in Uzungu.

Hearing 300-320 Real Exam Questions this, the Wakungu said, Oh, that can never be allowed without the sanction of the king but the queen, rising in her seat, expressed her scorn at the idea to taking advice from a mere stripling, and submitted herself for examination.

On arrival at Sangua, I found many of them had been seized by some men who, bolder than the rest, had overtaken them whilst gutting their huts, and made them prisoners, demanding of me two slaves and one load of beads for their restitution.

Rumanika and Mtesa were both anxious for trade, and I felt sorry he would not listen to my advice and make friend with Mtesa for unless the influence of trade was brought in to check the Waganda from pillaging the country, nothing would do so.

Musa even showed fear, but arranged, at my suggestion, that he should send some men to Rumanika, informing him of our intention to visit him, and begging, at the same time, he would use his influence in preventing our being detained in Usui.

If I would oblige him, he said he would give me guides to Suwarora, who was his mkama or king.

From the top of the bank bordering on the valley, a good view was obtainable of the Uraguru hills, and the top of a very distant cone to its northward but I could see no signs of any river joining the kingani on its left, though on the former expedition I heard that the Mukondokua river, which Cisco 300-320 was met with in Usagara, joined the Kingani close to Sagesera, and actually formed its largest head branch.

All now went to the camp but what was my astonishment on reaching the hut to find every servant 98-361 Exam Dump gone, along with the pots, pans, meat, everything and all in consequence 300-320 Questions And Answers Pdf of the king s having taken the drums on board, which, being unusual, was regarded as one of his delusive tricks, and a sign of immediate departure.

We jumped off our seats to show him the way, hoping our persecutions were over but still he sat, and sat, until at length, finding we did not take the hint to give him a parting present, he said, I never visited any big man s house without taking home some trifle to show my wife and children.

Kamrasi, still acting on his passive policy, would not admit them here, but wished them to return with a message, to the effect that Mtesa had no right to hold me as his guest now I had once gone into another s hands.

Chapter XIX The March to Madi Sail down the Kafu The Navigable Nile Fishing and Sporting Population The Scenery on the River An Inhospitable Governor Karuma Falls Native Superstitions Thieveries Hospitable Reception at Koki by Chongi.

In this new position they were circumcised to make Mussulmans of them, that their hands might be clean to slaughter their master s cattle, and extend his creed for the Arabs believe the day must come when the tenets of Mohammed will be accepted by all men.

It was well the king had broken through the old fashioned laws of Uganda, by sitting on an iron chair, and adopting European dresses for now he was opening a road to cement his own dominions with my country.

The king in the morning sent Budja, his ambassador, 300-320 Test Engine with Kamrasi s Kidgwiga, over to me for my men and letters, to go to Kamrasi 300-320 Questions And Answers s again and ask for the road to Gani.

The next day, when I called on Rumanika, the spoils were brought into court, and in utter astonishment he said, Well, this must have been done with something more potent than powder, for neither the Arabs nor Nnanaji, although they talk of their shooting powers, could have accomplished such a great feat as this.

Fleets of boats, not canoes, were built for 300-320 Dump Test war, and armies formed, that the glory of the king might never decrease.

I gave him a present then a letter was brought to me from Sheikh Said, announcing Musa s death, and the fact that Manua Sera was still holding out at Kigue in answer to which I desired the sheikh to send me as many of Musa s slaves as would take service with me, for they ought now, by the laws of the Koran, to be all free.

To expedite matters 7th , as our daily consumption in camp was a tax of itself, I gave these tormenting creatures one wire, one pretty cloth, and five hundred necklaces of white beads, which were no sooner accepted than Karambule, in the same way as Sirhid had done, said it would be greatly to my advantage if I gave him something worth having before he saw the Mkama.

He showed me several of his women grievously affected with boils, and expected me to cure them at once.

They surpassed in number, according to Bombay, the troops and ragamuffins enlisted by Sultain Majid when Sayyid Sweni threatened to attack Zanzibar in fact, he never saw such a large army collected anywhere.

At the time the white men were living in Uganda, many of the people who had seen them there came and described them as such monsters, they ate up mountains and drank the N yanza dry and although they fed on both beef and mutton, they were not satisfied until they got a dish of the tender parts of human beings three times a day.

Next morning, 1st Masudi and his party started for Karague.

The Kamraviona, before leaving, said, for our information, that a robbery had occurred in the palace last night for this morning, when Kamrasi went to inspect his Mzungu the block tin box , which he had forgotten to lock, he found all his beads had been stolen.

Katereza 3.

The part was an exceedingly merry one.

Fearful stories of losses and distress came constantly in from Ugogo by small bodies of men, who stole their way through the jungles.

Rumanika in the morning sent me a young male nzoe waterboc FN 13 which his canoe men had caught in the high rushes at the head of the lake, by the king s order, to please me for I had heard this peculiar animal described in such strange ways at Kaze, both by Musa and the Arabs, I was desirous of having a look at one.

Baraka, at this, somewhat taken aback, said there were no such things as perquisites on a journey like this for whatever could be saved from the chiefs was for the common good of all, and all alike ought to share in it repeating words I had often expressed.

I am not only in honour bound to speak with Kamrasi, but I am also bound to carry out the orders of my country just as much as you are yours moreover, I have invited Petherick to come to Kamrasi s by a letter from Karague, and it would be ill becoming in me to desert him in the hands of an enemy, as he would then certainly find Kamrasi to be if I went back now.

The morose rhinoceros, though less numerous, are found in every thick jungle.

Here we were again brought to a standstill.

I told her so when she returned, and that I enjoyed her parties all the more because they ended with a dinner.

The king now ordered some high officers who were in waiting to approach.

If things don t go well, it is God s will and if they do go well, that is His will also.

If any Mkungu possessed of a pretty daughter committed an offence, he might give her to the king as a peace offering if any neighbouring king had a pretty daughter, and the king of Uganda wanted her, she might be demanded as a fitting tribute.

The Wanyoro had caught a Tartar.

To try and check the desertions of Sultan Majid s men, I advised ordering was of no use that their camp should be broken up, and they should be amalgamated with the Wanguana but it was found that the two would not mix.

They had been attacked by the Gani people, and driven back with considerable loss both of men and property, although they were in sailing vessels, and fired guns which even broke down the trees on the banks.

This was sickening indeed.

As it appeared that he would have accepted us had we come by the friendly route of Kisuere, a further parley was absolutely necessary, and the more especially so, as now we were all together and in Uganda, which, in consequence, must relieve him from the fear of our harbouring evil designs against him.

The Pig then finally refused, saying three loads even would not tempt him, for all were opposed to it.

The king then, ever attentive to our position as guests, sent his royal musicians to give us a tune.

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On went the storm, till at last I drove him off with a pair of my slippers, which he had stuck his dirty feet into without my leave.

Further, he commanded in a bullying tone that all the Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures 300-320 Questions And Answers Pdf Wahuma who were with Lumeresi should be sent to him at once, adding, at the same time, if his royal mandate was not complied with as soon as he expected, he would at once send a force to seize Lumeresi, and place another man in his stead to rule over the district.

I had turned off Maula for treating me like a dog, and I would not be escorted by him again.

After breakfast I started on a visit to Congow but finding he had gone to the king as usual, called at Masimbi s and he being absent also, I took advantage of my proximity to the queen s palace to call on her majesty.

The Arabs, after the first burst of their grief was over, came to me again in a body, and begged me to assist them, for they were utterly undone.

What is it you do want I said, To open the country to the north, that an uninterrupted line of commerce might exist between England and this country by means of the 300-320 Book Nile.

Such was one of the many days frittered away in do nothingness.

The Dum palm is left behind the large rich green leaved trees of the low plateau give place to the mimosa and now, having ascended the greater decline of the Kingani river, instead of being confined by a bank, we found ourselves on flat open park land, where antelopes roam at large, buffalo and zebra are sometimes met with, and guinea fowl are numerous.


It was 300-320 in this way that great kings sent letters to one another.

Most gladdening news this day came in to cheer me.

Now, Bana, tell me do you not think, if two such shots as you and I were opposed to an elephant, would he have any chance before us I know I can shoot I am certain of it now.

Not a villager was to be seen for miles round not a plantain remained on the trees, nor was there even a sweet potato to be found in the ground.

Old Chongi s children, who had escorted us all the way from Kamrasi s, then took some beads and cast off clothes for themselves and their father, and left us in good humour.

After giving Kamrasi a sketching stool, we dropped down the Kafu two miles in a canoe, in order that the common people might not see us for the exclusive king would not allow any eyes but his won to be indulged with the extraordinary sight of white men in Unyoro The palace side of the river, however, as we paddled away, was thronged with anxious spectators amongst whom the most conspicuous was the king s favourite nurse.

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I began to think he had prevailed on me to stop here, that I might hold the place whilst he went to fight Kamrasi with Rionga s men so I begged him to listen to my advice, and not attempt to cross the Nile, else, I said, all his guns would be taken from him, and his passage back cut off.

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