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To day I visited Usungu again, and found him better.

17th and 18th.

The map was then produced.

Before going home we had some more polite conversation, during which the queen played with a toy in the shape of a cocoa du mer, studded all over with cowries this was a sort of doll, or symbol of a baby and her dandling it was held to indicate that she would ever remain a widow.

In the afternoon Rumanika invited both Grant and myself to witness his New Moon Levee, a ceremony which takes place every month with a view of ascertaining how many of his subjects are loyal.

I then made Baraka place all my kit in the middle of the boma, which was a very strong one, keeping out only such beads as I wished him to use for the men s rations daily, and ordered him to select a few men who would return with me to Kaze when I said, if I could not get all the men I wanted, I would try and induce some one, who would not fear, to go on to Usui failing which, I would even walk back to Zanzibar for men, as nothing in the world would ever induce me to give up the journey.

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Just as we were ready for crossing the river, a line of Kidi men was descried filing through the jungle on the opposite side, making their way for a new moon visit to Rionga, who occasionally leads them into battle against Ukero.

An officer, however, venturing in for the books, at length I got them.

I added I should like the king to send me the robes of honour and spears he had once promised me, in order that I might, on reaching England, be able to show my countrymen a specimen of the manufactures of his country.

As the fruit of last night s scheme, the king sent us four goats and two cows.

Taking the king, as it appeared, in a good humour, to show him the abuses arising from the system of allowing his guests to help themselves by force upon the highways, I reported the late seizures made of thirty cows and twelve slaves by the Wanyambo but, though surprised to hear the news, he merely remarked 000-070 Latest Dumps that there were indeed a great number of visitors in Uganda.

16th to 19th.

All the Wanguana struck, and said they would go no further.

On packing up to leave Ghiya s, all the men of the village shut the bars of the entrance, wishing to extract some cloths from me, as I had not given enough, they said, to their chief.

The feast was all the better relished as the men knew well that no Arab master would have given them what he could sell for if a slave shot game, the animals would be the master s, to be sold bit by bit among the porters, and compensated from the proceeds of their pay.

They both knew Hindustani but while Rahan s services at sea had been short, Baraka had served nearly all his life with Englishmen was the smartest and most intelligent negro I ever saw was invaluable to Colonel Rigby as a detector of slave traders, 000-070 Certification Answers and enjoyed his confidence completely so much so, that he said, on parting with him, that he did not know where he should be able to find another man to fill his post.

Farther on, as we wished to enter a newlyconstructed boma, the chief of 000-070 Answers which was Mafumbu Wantu a Mr Balls , we felt the effects of those ruthless marauders for the villagers, thinking us Watuta in disguise, would not let us in for those savages, they said, had once tricked them by entering their village, pretending to be traders carrying ivory and merchandise, whilst they were actually spies.

It happened that Grant had just given Ruhe a IBM certifications I 000-070 gun when my note arrived, on which they made an agreement, that it was to be restored, provided that, after the full knowledge of all these transactions had reached us, it was both Lumeresi s and my desire that it should be so.

He took the affair very 000-070 seriously, delivering himself to the following purport Well, then, my days are numbered for if I refuse compliance I shall lose my head and if I attempt to pass Kamrasi 000-070 Pdf s, which is on the river, I shall lose my life for I am a marked man there, having once led an army past his palace and back again.

A man with a maniacal voice sang and whistled by turns.


Thinking over it afterwards, I came to the conclusion I ought to have put in more powder for I had, owing to their inferior size to the Indian ones, rather despised them, and fired at them with the same charge and in the same manner as I always did at rhinoceros.

I came, at the same time, to the conclusion that all our previous information concerning the hydrography of these regions, as well as the Mountains of the Moon, originated with the ancient Hindus, who told it to the priests of the Nile and that all those busy Egyptian geographers, who disseminated their knowledge with a view to be famous for their long sightedness, in solving the deep seated mystery with enshrouded the source of their holy river, were so many hypothetical humbugs.


She was another of those wonders of obesity, unable to stand excepting on all fours.

But the king proudly raised his head, laughed them to scorn, and said, Make friends with men who have crossed their spears with us already Nonsense they would only laugh at us the Uganda spear alone shall do it.

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Before I could say anything, the king started up in his usual manner, inviting a select few to follow him to another court, when my medicine chest was inspected, and I was asked to operate for fistula on one of the royal executioners.

In two more marches, however, I reached Kaze, and put up with Musa s eldest son, Abdalla, on the 2nd July, who now was transformed from 000-070 Material Pdf a drunken slovenly boy into the appearance of a grand swell, squatting all day as his old father used to do.

The country continued the same, but the grass was conspicuously becoming shorter and finer every day so much so, that my men all declared it was a sign of our near approach to England.

There was nothing, in fact, that would not have grown here, if it liked moisture and a temperate heat.

The number of guinea fowl seen here was most surprising.

The soil itself looked rich and red, not unlike our own fine country of Devon.

Suliman by my side, with the instinct of a monkey, made a violent spring and swung himself by a bough immediately over the beast, whilst Faraj bolted away and left me single gunned to polish him off.

The king came shooting close to my hut and ordered me out.

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Of course a severe contest followed I said, as 000-070 Real Exam Questions I had given them so much before, they could not want it, and ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Then getting impatient, as all his visitors wanted sport, he ordered 000-070 Actual Exam the cow out again, and insisted on my men shooting at it, saying at the same time to his Kidi visitors, boastfully, Now I will show you what devils these Wanguana are with firearms they can kill a cow with one bullet and as they are going to Gani, I advise you not to meddle with them.

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I then made friends with him, and found he was a great doctor as well as an officer.

The king, as might be imagined, did not believe the boy s story, and sent other pages to ascertain the truth of the case, bidding them listen well, and beware of what they were about.

I could not submit to such disrespectful suspicions, but if he wished Bombay to convey my present to him, I saw no harm in the proposition.

I was ashamed to show my face.

The brothers are burnt to death, and the king, we shall suppose, takes the field at the head of his army.

At last, after numerous and various reports about Grant, we heard his drums last night, but we arrived this morning just in time to be too late.

I then ordered two of my men to go with two of Musa s to acquaint Manua Sera with what we were about, and to know his views on the subject but these men returned to say Manua Sera could not be found, for he was driven from pillar to post by the different native chiefs, as, wherever he went, his army ate up their stores, and brought nothing but calamities with them.

Would to God, they said, I would mediate for them with Manua Sera they were sure I would be successful and then they would give me as many armed men as I liked.

This was, indeed, too much of a joke.

These men had been sitting all day without seeing the king, and three shots opened his gate immediately to me.

It was obvious that the chief merely intended to prevent Grant from passing through or evading his district without paying a hongo, else he would not have sent his men to invite him to his palace, doubtless with instructions, if necessary, to use force.

Mtesa, on the contrary, told me Kamrasi treated all his guests with disrespect, sending them to the farther side of the N yanzi.

Order there was none the men hated this double work all the Wanyamuezi but three 000-070 Actual Exam deserted, with the connivance of the coast men, carrying off their loads with them, under a mutual understanding, as I found out afterwards, that the coast men were to go shares in the plunder as soon as we reached Unyamuezi.

When dismissed with some beads, Nnanaji dropped in and invited me to accompany him out shooting on the slopes of the hills overlooking the lake.

The dreams and sleeplessness I told her was a common widow s complaint, and could only be cured by her majesty making up her mind to marry a second time but before I could advise for the C4040-122 Test Engine bodily complaints, it would be necessary for me to see her tongue, feel her pulse, and perhaps, also, her sides.

2, mutton No.

Such was the case and by the time my men were all under arms, with their sword bayonets fixed, drawn up by my tent the veritable Tippler arrived but, not liking the look of such a formidable array as my men presented, he passed on a short way, and then sent back a deputation to make known his desire of calling on me, which was no sooner complied with than he came in person, attended by a body guard.

But the waters were too large and the animals too shy, so we toiled all the day without any effect, going only once ashore to picnic not for the women to eat for they, poor things, got nothing but the king, myself, the pages, and the principal Wakungu.

Floating islands of grass were seen going down the Kafu, reminding us of the stories told at Kaze by Musa Mzuri, of the violent manner in which, at certain season, the N yanza was said to rise and IBM 000-070 Answers rush with such velocity that islands were uprooted and carried away.


My men had brought no food either for us or their friends, as the cloths they took with them, which were their own, were scarcely sufficient to purchase a meal famines being as bad where they had been as in Ugogo.

No one, however, could account for this singular fact.

Then selecting five of my head men to conduct the case, with five of their elders, it was considered my losses were equivalent to thirty head of cattle.

These words were no sooner uttered by the king than the whole bevy of pages slipped their cord turbans from their heads, and rushed, like a pack of cupid beagles upon the fairy queen, who, indignant at the little urchins daring to touch her majesty, remonstrated with the king, and tried to beat them off like flies, but was soon captured, overcome, and dragged away, crying, in the names of the Kamraviona and Mzungu myself , for help and protection whilst Lubuga, the pet sister, and all the other women, clasped the king by his legs, and, kneeling, implored forgiveness for their sister.

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The king receives his army of officers with great ceremony, listens to their exploits, and gives as rewards, women, cattle, and command over men the greatest elements of wealth in Uganda with a liberal hand.

Now, says Rumanika, I no sooner went there and saw the iron, and brought it here as you see it.

I again urged Lumeresi to help on Grant, saying it was incumbent on him to call M yonga to account for maltreating Grant s porters, who were his own subjects, else the road would be shut up he would lose all the 000-070 Prep Guide hongos he laid on caravans and he would not be able to send his own ivory down to the coast.

The old story was repeated I had forty five hungry men, who must have food, and unless either she or the king would make some proper provision for them, I could not help it.

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I told her I would give her some strengthening medicine in the morning for the present, however, I would take my leave, as the day was far gone, and the distance home very great but though I dragged my body away, my heart would still remain here, for I loved her much.

They were a very gentle, nice dispositioned looking set of men small, but well knit together.

He had sent twenty officers to scour the country, looking for me everywhere.

Though my mind was so weak and excited when I woke up from these trances, I thought of nothing but the march, and how I could get out of Lumeresi s hands.

Dogs, like the Indian pariah, are very plentiful, only much smaller and a few donkeys are found in certain localities.


Immediately on landing, Ladha and Sheikh Said showed us 1Z0-526 Pdf Download into a hut prepared for us, and all things looked pretty well.

This was done, and I placed it on the ground, saying, The instrument is yours, but I must keep it until another one comes.

At the time the white men were living in Uganda, many of the people who had seen them there came and described them as such monsters, they ate up mountains and drank the N yanza dry and although they fed on both beef and mutton, they were not satisfied until they got a dish of the tender parts of human beings three times a day.

Then, as if a sudden freak had seized him, though I knew it was on account of Maula s having excited his curiosity, he said, Where does Bana live lead away.

In fact he mistook all my answers for admiration, and asked me, in the simplest manner possible, if I would like to possess a charm and even when I said No, I should be afraid of provoking Lubari s God s anger if I did so, he only wondered at my obstinacy, so thoroughly was he wedded to his belief.

As I had now men enough to remove half our property, I made a start of it, leaving Grant to bring up the rest.

And now he had told me the case, he hoped I would forgive him if he had done wrong.

The day was now far spent, and all proceeded towards the palace.

Therefore, as a warning to the others, the guns of 000-070 Answers these two were confiscated, and a caution given that any gun in future let off, either by design or accident, would be taken.

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7, plantains No.

To compensate for damage done to himself, as his daughter by this means had become reduced to half her market value, Lumeresi seized all the cattle this man had brought with him.

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Start again, and after drinking pombe with Nango, when we heard that three Wakungu had been seized at Kari, in consequence of the murder, the march was commenced, but soon after stopped by the 000-070 Exam Questions With Answers mischievous machinations of our guide, who pretended it was too late in the day to cross the jungles on ahead, either by the road to the source or the palace, and therefore would not move till the morning then, leaving us, on the pretext of business, he vanished, and was never seen again.

Our first inquiry was, of course, for Petherick.

His dues for the present were four brass wires, and as many more when we reached the palace.

We halted again, it was said, in order that Kwibeya might give us all the king had desired him to present.

I had not been able to send presents or bribes to any one, nor had any one, except the cockaded pages, by the king s order, visited me neither was anybody permitted to sell me provisions, so that my men had to feed themselves by taking anything they chose from certain gardens pointed out by the king s officers, or by seizing pombe or plantains which they might find Waganda carrying towards the palace.

Kidgwiga called on me to say Kamrasi so very much wanted the white men at Gani to visit him, he had sent a hongo of thirty tusks to the chief of that country in hopes that it would insure their coming to see him.

All right, your majesty what is it I am constantly stricken with fever and pains, for which I know no remedy but cautery my children die young my family is not large enough to uphold my dignity and station 351-080 Practice Questions in life in fact, I am infirm and want stimulants, and I wish you to prescribe for me, which considering you have found your way to this, where nobody came before, must be easy to you.

He had no objection, and opened conversation by asking who it was that gave me such offence in taking my guard from me to seize his Wakungu.

My hurry he thought was uncalled for for, as I had spent so many days with Kamrasi, why could I not be content to do so with him I was provoked beyond measure with this, as it upset all my plans.

The elder, whom I named Meri plantains , was obtained by Sunna, the late king, as a wife, from Nkole and though she was a mere Kahala, or girl, when the old king died, he was so attached to her he gave her twenty cows, in order that she might fatten up on milk after her native fashion but on Sunna s death, when the establishment of women was divided, Meri fell to N yamasore s the queen s lot.

But this was a true specimen of the method of transacting business among the royal family of Uganda.

I shot a doe, leucotis, called here nsunnu, the first one seen upon the journey.

of Mzizima beads if he will take Baraka in disguise on to Suwarora, and ask him to send me eighty men, whilst I go back to Unyanyembe to see what men I can get from the late Musa s establishment, and then we might bring on Grant, and move in a body together.

I then counted all the wires over, at Bombay IBM certifications I 000-070 Answers s request, and found them complete in numbers, without those he had set aside from the dowry money.

This is the most southerly kingdom of the Wahuma, though not the farthest spread of its people, for we find the Watusi, who are emigrants from Karague of the same stock, overlooking the Tanganyika Lake from the hills of Uhha, and tending their cattle all over Unyamuezi under the protection of the 000-070 Answers FRENDA native negro chiefs and we also hear that the Wapoka of Fipa, south of the Rukwa Lake are the same.

The district chief is absolute, though guided in great measure by his grey beards, who constantly attend his residence, and talk over their affairs of state.

He told us he is often threatened by elephants, but he sedulously keeps them off with charms for if they ever tasted a plantain they would never leave the garden until they had IBM certifications I 000-070 cleared it out.

In the evening another messenger arrived from Grant, giving a list of his losses and expenses at M yonga s.

All the Waganda ran away at once but my braves feared my answer more than the lions, and came off safely with the buck on their shoulders.

The birds were wild, and as nothing was done, I instructed him in the way to fire from his shoulder, placing the gun in position.

He said he was present when Sunna, with all the forces he could muster, tried to take the very countries I now proposed to travel through but, though in person exciting his army to victory, he could make nothing of it.

After this I heard they were not going to Rionga himself, but were going to show Rionga s men the way that they made friends with old Chongi of Koki.

They are extremely fond of ornaments, the most common of 000-070 Prep Guide which is an ugly tube of the gourd thrust through the lower lobe of the ear.

The ground on the line of march was highly cultivated, and intersected by a deep ravine of running water, whose sundry branches made the surface very irregular.

To catch slaves is the first thought of every chief in the interior hence fights and slavery impoverish the land, and that is the reason both why Africa does not improve, and why we find men of all tribes and tongues on the coast.

She admitted me at once, when I gave her quinine, on the proviso that I 000-070 Braindump Pdf should stop there all day and night to repeat the dose, and tell her the reason why I did not come before.

Then, trying to terrify me, they said, N yamyonjo had a hundred boats, and would drive us back to a certainty if we tried to force past them, if he were not first spoken with, as the Waganda had often tried the passage and been repulsed.

The way they softened the bark, to make it like cloth, was by immersion in water, and a good strong application of a millheaded mallet, IBM 000-070 Answers which ribbed it like corduroy.

Come along, Bana, said the king, we must have some more sport and, saying this he directed the way towards the queen s palace, the attendants leading, followed by the pages, then the king, next myself for I never would walk before him and finally the women, some forty or fifty, who constantly attended him.

The ZF-100-500 Vce Dumps king, in total unconcern about the tragedy he had thus enacted, immediately on their departure said, Now, then, for shooting, Bana let us look at your gun.

Well, says the king, I have acceded to everything you have to say and the day after to morrow, when I shall have had time to collect men to go with you, and selected the two princes you have promised to educate, we will meet again and say good bye but you must give me a gun and some more medicine, as well as the powder and ball you promised after reaching the vessels.

They were the vanguard of Mahamed s party, and said they had orders to march on as far as Apuddo with me, where we must all stop for Mahamed, who, as well as he could, was collecting men.

The first tribe of women were doubtless the Wanyoro called women by the naked tribes on this side because they wear bark coverings an effeminate appendage, in the naked man s estimation and the second tribe must have been in allusion to the dog keeping Waganda, who also would be considered women, as they wear bark clothes.

My men now, recollecting the powder robbery at Uganda, said king Mtesa would not send his horn when I asked for it, because he was the culprit himself.

They went about in procession, painted and adorned in the most grotesque fashion, bewailing and screeching, singing and dancing, throwing their arms and legs about as if they were drunk, until the evening set in, when they gathered a huge bundle of bulrushes, and, covering it with a cloth, carried it up to the door of the bereaved on their shoulders, as though it had been a coffin.

No one would go forward with the two cows behind besides which, the day was far spent, and there was nothing but jungle, they said, beyond.

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Thus died this second attempted treaty.

It was shown to Baraka in the hope that we would come by the Karague route, but not to Mabruki, because he came from Uganda.

We camped at the little settlement of Kizoto, inhospitably presided over by Phanze Mukia ya Nyani or Monkey s Tail, who no sooner heard of our arrival than he sent a demand for his rights.

On returning home I found Nasib and Maula waiting for me, with all the articles that had been returned to the queen very neatly tied together.

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We did not think our reception hut by the river sufficiently dignified, and our residence here was altogether like that of prisoners seeing no one, knowing no one.

I then told him it was fortunate he had no disbelievers like us to contend with in battle, for we, instead of trusting to luck and such omens, put our faith only in skill and pluck, which Baraka elucidated from his military experience in the wars in British India.

These men, taking their natures from their king Rumanika, are by far the most gentle, polite, and attentive of any black 000-070 Answers FRENDA men we have travelled amongst.

That, of course, I could not part with but I took the opportunity 000-070 Guide of telling her I did not like my residence it was not only far away from everybody, but it was unworthy of my dignity.

On the 9th, having bought two donkeys and engaged several men, we left Jiwa la Mkoa, with half our traps, and marched to Garaeswi, where, to my surprise, there were as many as twenty tembes a recently formed settlement of Wokimbu.

Why does Kamrasi keep us here He thinks you are not so near, and men have gone to tell him.

He never called at a big man s house and left it mwiko empty handed before if there was nothing else to dispose of, could Bana not have given him 000-070 a bag of beads To save us from this kind of incessant annoyance, I now thought it would be our best policy to mount the high horse and bully him.

The day s sport was now ended, so I went home to breakfast, leaving instructions that the heads should be cut off and sent to the king as 000-070 Test Exam a trophy of what the white man could do.

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