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At this place we were visited by the chief of the district, Pongo Bush boc , who had left his palace to see us and invite us his way, for he feared we might give him the slip by going west into Uyofu.

A man of Ruanda now informed us that the cowrie shells, so plentiful in that country, come there from the other or western side, but 920-471 Training Guide he could not tell whence they 350-030 Study Guide were originally obtained.

At last we heard the familiar sound of the Uganda drum.

On the way a mistletoe was pointed out as a rain producing tree, probably because, on a former occasion, I had advised the king to grow groves of coffee trees about his palace to improve its appearance, and supply the court with wholesome food at the same time informing him that trees increase the falls of rain in a country, though very high ones would be dangerous, because they attract lightning.

I could get no answer so, to pass the time, we wished to know from the king s own lips if he had prevented Baraka from going to Gani, as he had carried orders from Rumanika as well as from myself to visit Kamrasi, to give him fifty egg beads, seventy necklaces of mtende, and seventy necklaces of kutuamnazi beads, and then to pass on to Gani and give its chief fifty egg beads and forty necklaces of kutuamnazi.

Boats there were, which the sailors gave chase to but, as they had no liquor, they were allowed to go their way, and the sailors, instead, set to lifting baskets and taking fish from the snares which fisherman, who live in 350-030 Certification Dumps small huts amongst the rushes, had laid for themselves.

The little sheikh was warmly congratulatory as he spoke of the numbers who had strayed away and had been lost in that wilderness whilst Bombay admitted he thought we should turn up again if I did not listen to the advice of the boys, which was his only fear.

I bide my time I said, rising in a towering passion, and thrashing the air with my ramrod walking stick, before all the visiting Wakungu, when the queen has assured me her door would always be open to me I shall leave this court at once, and I solemnly swear I shall never set foot in it again, unless some apology be made for treating me like a dog.


They were all painted with red clay, and averaged from ten to thirty paddles, with long prows standing out like the neck of a syphon or swan, decorated on the head with the horns of the CCIE 350-030 Certification Dumps Nsunnu lencotis antelope, between which was stuck upright a tuft of feathers exactly like a grenadier s plume.

The commander in chief, now content with all he had heard, went to Kamrasi to receive his orders, whilst I gave Kasoro a feast of porridge and salt, with pombe to wash it down, 70-412 Exam Paper Pdf and a cow to take home with him for the poor creatures said they were all starving as the Wanyoro would not allow them to take a single plantain from the field until Kamrasi s 350-030 Certification Dumps permission had been given.

Ladha s hundred loads of beads, cloths, and brass wire were all tied up for the march, and seventy five pagazis porters from the Moon country 350-030 Exam Prep had received their hire to carry these loads to Kaze in the land of the Moon.

This, I think, shows clearly, that the ancient Hindus must have had some kind of communication with both the northern and southern ends of the Victoria N yanza.

A short stage brought us to Ikamburu, included in the district of Nzasa, where there is another small village presided over by Phanze Khombe la Simba, meaning Claw of Lion.

The acting officer absconded, but another man came in his place, and offered to take us on the way up the river to morrow, humbugging Kasoro into the belief that his road to the palace would branch off from the first state, though in reality it was here.

Once across, we sought for and put up in a village beneath a small hill, from the top of which I saw the Victoria N yanza for the first time on this march.

To day we reached the Kitangule Kagera, or river, which, as I ascertained in the year 1858, falls into the Victoria N yanza on the west side.

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Rogero was thus frightened away but he went away swearing that he would carry out his intentions at some future date, when the Arabs had withdrawn from the country.

Like the Waziwa, they had traded with Kidi, and they not only confirmed what the Waziwa had said, but added that, when trading in those distant parts, they heard of Wanguana coming in vessels to trade to the north of Unyoro but the natives there were so savage, they only fought with these foreign traders.

He was, in fact, a spy whom Rohinda had sent to ascertain what exactions had been made from me, as he, being the great chief, was entitled to the most of them himself.

From the moment Budja drank it he was seized with sickness, and remained so until he reached the first station in Uganda, when he died.

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When this message was fully delivered, Budja said we must return without a day s delay.

From this we rose over a stony hill to the settlement of Vihembe, which, being the last on the Usui frontier, induced me to give our guides three wires each, and four yards of bindera, which Nasib said was their proper fee.

This of course led to a long story, describing the world, the proportions of land and water, and the power of ships, which conveyed even elephants and rhinoceros in fact, all the animals in the world to fill our menageries at home, etc.

No one would go forward with the two cows behind besides which, the day was far spent, and there was nothing but jungle, they said, beyond.

I had taken it for the navigation of the lake, and it was now of no further use to me, but, being an instrument of complicated structure, it would be a valuable addition to the king s museum of magic charms.

Fortunately at the time my gunbearers were with me so, jumping to one side, I struck them all three in turn.

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Awaking at cock crow, I roused the camp, all anxious to rejoin you and while the loads were being packed, my attention was drawn to an angry discussion between the head men and seven or eight armed fellows sent by Sultan M yonga, to insist upon my putting up for the day in his village.


31 46 9 , where 350-030 Questions And Answers Pdf Mahamed, after firing a salute, took us in to see a Circassian merchant, named Kurshid Agha.

We marched on again over the same kind of ground, alternately crossing rush drains of minor importance, though provokingly frequent, and rich CCIE 350-030 gardens, from which, as we passed, all the inhabitants bolted at the sound of our drums, knowing CCIE 350-030 Certification Dumps well that they would be seized and punished if found gazing at the king s visitors.

We returned, pushing along, up one way, then another, without a word, in thorough confusion, for the king delights in boyish tricks, which he has learned to play successfully.


He was shy at first, and all the people laughed at my handling royalty like a schoolboy but he soon took to it very good naturedly, when I gave him my silk necktie and gold crest ring, explaining their value, which he could not comprehend, and telling him we gentlemen prided ourselves on never wearing brass or copper.

In fact, he wanted to fleece us of everything so, to shut him up, I said I would not part with one bird for one hundred tusks of ivory they were all the collections I had made in Africa, and if I parted with them my journey would go for nothing but if he wanted a few drawings of birds I would do some for him at present I wished to speak to him.

This was a nice sort of insubordination, which of course could not be endured.

My ever grumbling men mobbed me again, clamouring for food, saying, as they eyed my goats, I lived at ease and overlooked their wants.

To our surprise the manners of the man were quite in keeping with his becoming dress.

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The two men were very great friends of the little Sheikh, and as a present was expected, which I should have to pay, we all talked cheerfully and confidentially, bringing in the fate of Maizan for no other reason than to satisfy curiosity.

They were dressed in plantain leaves, looking like grotesque Neptunes.

Petherick had gone down the river eight days journey, but was expected to return shortly.

I complied at once, by way of offering a special mark of respect And friendship, and on the reliance that he would keep his word.

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Monkeys of various kinds and squirrels harbour in the trees, but are rarely seen.

Among his jokes were, that I must never drink pombe excepting with these sticks Cisco 350-030 Certification Dumps if I wanted any when I leave Uganda, to show my friends, she would give me twenty more sticks of that sort if I liked them and, turning from verbal to practical jocularity, the dirty fellow took my common sucker out of the pot, inserted one of the queen s, and sucked at it himself, when I snatched and threw it away.

Slavery had received a severe blow by the sharp measures Colonel Rigby had taken in giving tickets of emancipation to all those slaves whom our Indian subjects the Banyans had been secretly keeping, and by fining the masters and giving the money to the men to set them up in life.

Whilst walking towards the palace to pay the king a friendly visit, I met two of my men speared on the head, and streaming with blood they had been trying to help themselves to plantains carried on the heads of Waganda but the latter proving too strong, my people seized a boy and woman from their party as witnesses, according to Uganda law, and ran away with them, tied hand and neck together.

Colonel Rigby now gave me a most interesting paper, with a map attached to it, about the Nile and the Mountains of the Moon.

An old man and woman, smeared with white mud, and holding pots of pombe in their laps, sat in front of a hut, whilst other people kept constantly bringing them baskets full of plantain squash, and more pots of pombe.

Of course, I knew this was a bribe to induce Mahamed to fight with Rionga against Kamrasi but, counting that no affair of mine, I tried to induce these men to give me some geographical information of the countries they had just left.

Cloths fastened round under the arms are their national costume, along with a necklace of beads, large brass or copper wire armlets, and a profusion of thin circles, called sambo, made of the giraffe s tail hairs bound round by the thinnest iron or copper wire whilst the men at home wear loin cloths, but in the field, or whilst travelling, simply hang a goat skin over their shoulders, exposing at least threefourths of their body in a rather indecorous manner.

To the northward can be seen some low hills, which are occupied by Wahumba, a subtribe of the warlike Masai and on the west is the large forest wilderness of Mgunda Mkhali.

Rumanika then gave him and Uledi, his selected companion, some sheets of mbugu, in order that they might disguise themselves as his officers whilst crossing the territories of the king of Uganda.

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Bombay, already primed, instantly said, Oh, Bana, being a great man in his own country, and not thirsting for gain in ivory or slaves, would only accept such things as a spear, shield, or drum, which he could take to his own country as a specimen of the manufactures of Uganda, and a pleasing recollection of his visit to the king.

Immediately after breakfast the king sent his pages in a great hurry to say he was waiting on the hill for me, and begged I would bring all my guns immediately.

This caused a halt.

They had seen her majesty, who, on receiving my message, pretended excessive anger with her doorkeeper for not announcing my arrival yesterday flogged him severely inspected all the things returned folded them up again very neatly with her own hands said she felt much hurt at the mistake which had arisen, and hoped I would forgive and forget it, as her doors would always be open to me.

No letter like that referred to had ever been received, so that Frij s interpretation about Grant s letterdream was right and if we wished to go to 350-030 Certification Dumps FRENDA Gani, the king would send men travelling by night, for his brothers at war with him lay upon the road.

And why not say Uganda I asked.

Getting to boat again, after a very little paddling we pulled in to shore, on the Uganda side, to stop for the night, and thus allowed the injured Wanyoro to go down the river before us.

He appointed the morrow for an interview, at the same time excusing himself for not having seen us yesterday on the plea of illness.

No, the buffaloes are too far off now we will wait to go after then until I have given you a hut close by.

Whatever the freak of the moment is, that they adopt in the most thoughtless manner, even though they may have calculated on advantages beforehand in the opposite direction.

I begged for a private audience still they would not speak until encouraged and urged beyond all patience.

They then placed me in position, and arranging the field, drove the covers like men well accustomed to sport indeed, it struck me they indulged too much in that pleasure, for we saw nothing but two or three montana and some diminutive antelopes, about the size of mouse deer, and so exceedingly shy that not one was bagged.

This important arrangement being conceded by the king more promptly than we expected, a cow, plantains, and pombe were requested but the cow only was given, though our men were said to be feeding on grass.

On his neck was a very neat ornament a large ring, of beautifully worked small beads, forming elegant patterns by their various colours.

I then told them all that had happened how Grant and myself were situated and begged them to assist me by going off to Grant s camp to inspire all the men there with confidence, and bring my rear property to me saying, as they agreed to do so, Here are some cloths and some beads for your expenses, and when you return I will give you more.

They did no harm, however, excepting to create a slight alarm, which some neighbouring villagers took advantage of to run of with two of my cows.

He promised that the seven boats, which are all the station he could muster, would be ready next day, and in the meanwhile a number of men would conduct me to the shooting ground.

Though I repeatedly dunned him for it, I could never get it back from him until I was preparing to leave Uganda.


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then Dagara, and now Rumanika.

During this march we crossed three deep nullahs which drain the Uzaramo plateau, and arrived at the Makutaniro, or junction of this line with those of Mboamaji and Konduchi, which traverse central Uzaramo, and which, on my former return journey, I went down.

On opening the chronometer, he again wrenched back the seconds hand, and sent it for repair, together with two pots of pombe as a peace offering.

On being told we did not like being repeatedly reminded of our promises, he came down a little from his dignity, saying, And what answer have you about the business on the island meaning the request to fight his brothers.

It forms a link of the great East Coast Range but though it is generally comprehended under the single name Usagara, many sub tribes occupy and apply their own names to portions of it as, for instance, the people on whose ground we now stood at the foot of the hills, are Wa Khutu, and their possessions consequently are U Khutu, which is by far the best producing land hitherto alluded to since leaving the sea coast line.

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Words led to blows we had a long and tough fight I killed many of their number, and they killed mine.

I tried again to make him see the absurdity of tying a charm on Whitworth s rifle, but without the least effect.

This was too much for my patience, so I ordered all my things to be tied up in marching order, and gave out that I should leave and find out the way myself the following morning.

Well, I said, that is all very interesting, but what next will the big king see us O no by the very best good fortune in the world, on going into the palace I saw Suwarora, and spoke to him at once but he was so tremendously drunk, he could not understand me.

Not knowing what difficulties I should have to contend with in such a piece of engineering, I tried to get her height by raising her up.

After cooking, when the night has set it, the everlasting dance begins, attended with clapping of hands and jingling small bells strapped to the legs the whole being accompanied by a constant repetition of senseless words, which stand in place of the song to the negroes for song they have none, being mentally incapacitated for musical composition, though as timists they are not to be surpassed.

Kidgwiga immediately returned with the 350-030 Questions necessary adept, an old man, nearly blind, dressed in strips of old leather fastened to the waist, and carrying in one hand a 350-030 Certification Dumps cow s horn primed with magic powder, carefully covered on the mouth with leather, from which dangled an iron bell.

That, however, I ET0-017 Exam Paper could not foresee, so, trusting to him and good luck, I commenced making fresh enlistments of porters but they came and went in the most tantalising manner, notwithstanding I offered three times the hire that any merchant could afford to give.

He was dressed in European clothes, part of them 350-030 Certification Dumps being a pair of trousers he begged for yesterday, that he might appear like Bana.

He had effected his escape in the usual manner, and was leading the Arabs another long march after him.

We could keep ourselves on guinea fowls or green pigeons, doves, etc.

Before I had left the district I heard that Manua Sera had collected a mixed force of Warori, Wagogo, and Wasakuma, and had gone off to Kigue again, whilst the Arabs and Mkisiwa were feeding their men on beef before setting out to fight him.

It was the effect of desertions like these that prevented any white men visiting these countries.

It was pronounced amidst peals of laughter from my men for whenever any little excitement is going forward, the Wanguana all rush to the scene of action to give their opinions, and joke over it afterwards.

However, they had done their work, and I offered them a cow, wishing to have it shot before them but the chief men, probably wishing the whole animal to themselves, took it alive, saying the men were all the king s servants, and therefore could not touch a morsel.

I also got orders to draw near and sit fronting her within the hut.

These are a few of the more innocent alternatives the poor negroes resort to in place of a Saviour.

Most unfortunately, as we led off to cross it, rain began to pour, so that everybody and everything was thrown into confusion.

As I shall have frequently to use this word in the course of the Journal, I may here give an explanation of its meaning.

I maintained that if he was commissioned to help me, he at least could not refuse to give me a guide and interpreter when, if I failed in the direct route, I would try another, but go I must, as I could not hold out any longer, being short of beads and cows.

So can I.


Amongst them was the wretched governess, Manamaka, who had always thought me a wonderful magician, because I possessed, in her belief, an extraordinary power in inclining all the black kings hearts to me, and induced them to give the roads no one before of my colour had ever attempted to use.

It was considered the West End.

Nothing as yet, I now found, had been done to further our march.

This was a bad job.

This offer of immediate guides I of course accepted at once, as to keep on the move was my only desire at that time for my men were all drunk, and Kidgwiga s were deserting.

He had been in Masudi s camp, and had delivered my message to Insangez.

The king was plainly dressed in an Arab s black choga, and wore, for ornament, dress stockings of rich coloured beads, and neatly worked wristlets of copper.

I now gave all my men presents for the severe trials they had experienced in the wilderness, forgetting, as I told them, the merciless manner in which they had plundered me but as I have a trifle more in proportion, to the three sole remaining pagazis, 350-030 Test Prep because they had not finished their work, my men were all discontented, and wished to throw back their presents, saying I did not love them, although they were perminents, as much as the temperaries.

Lumeresi, the chief of the district, who lived ten miles to the eastward, had been constantly pressing him to leave this post and come to his palace, as he felt greatly affronted at our having shunned him and put up with Ruhe.


Every man sent his spear, assage, 350-030 Questions or arrow, into his sides, until, completely exhausted, he sank like a porcupine covered with quills.

In very early times dissensions amongst the royal family, probably contending for the crown, such as we presume must have occurred in Abyssinia, separated the parent stock, and drove the weaker to find refuge in Nkole, where a second and independent government of Wahuma was established.

We worked on, and found they turned, as if afraid.



Early in the morning we were on foot again, only too thankful to have got off so cheaply.

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They have both their district and their village chiefs, but, in the countries we are about to travel over, no kings such as we shall find that the Wahuma have.

Next day, after crossing more of those abominable rush drains, whilst in sight of 350-030 Test Dump the Victoria N yanza, we ascended the most beautiful hills, covered with verdure of all descriptions.

They were given.

As the presents given yesterday occupied the king s mind too much for other business, I now sent to offer him one third of the guns left in Uganda, provided he would send some messengers with one of my men to ask Mtesa for them, and also the same proportion of the sixty loads of property left in charge of Rumanika at Karague, if he would send the requisite number of porters for its removal.

The river, very unlike what it was from the Ripon Falls downward, bore at once the character of river and lake clear in the centre, but fringed in most places with tall rush, above which the green banks sloped back like park lands.

When told the truth that I had been trying to shoot a dish of doves for breakfast, as I could get neither meat nor drink from his kitchen the head boy, rather guessing than understanding what was told him, distorted my message, and said to the king, as I could not obtain a regular supply of food from his house, I did not wish to accept anything further at his hands, but intended foraging for the future in the jungles.

25th to 13th.

Guards also kept the doors, on which large bells were hung to give alarm, and officers in waiting watched the throne rooms.

Of course Meri s misdemeanour had to be explained, when she said, As 350-030 Online Exam that is the case, I will give you another but you must take Meri out of the country, else she will bring trouble on us for, you know, I never gave girls who lived in the palace to any one in my life before, because they would tell domestic affairs not proper for common people to know.

If I sent Msalima, he would be kept ten years on the road.

Hardly a word was said about anything else even the pictures, which generally are in such demand, attracted but little notice.

Unfortunately, the chief district officer, Mlondo, was from home, but we took possession of his huts clean, extensive, and tidily kept facing the river, and felt as if a residence here would do one good.

As he did not wish to see white men, our residing here could be of no earthly use.

At this place, to our CCIE Voice Written 350-030 intense joy, three of Sheikh 350-030 Questions And Answers Pdf Said s boys came to us with a letter from Rigby but, on opening it, our spirits at once fell far below zero, for it only informed us that he had sent us all kinds of nice things, and letters from home, which were packed up in boxes, and despatched from the coast on the 30th October 1860.

At noon we heard the king approaching with his drums and rattle traps, but I still 70-562-CSHARP Study Guide Book waited on till 5 p.

It was this An officer of Rumanika s, who had been sent four years before on a mission to Kamrasi, had just then returned with a party of Kamrasi s who brought ivory for sale to the Arabs at Kufro, along with a vaunting commission to inform Rumanika that Kamrasi had foreign visitors as well as himself.

Finding the flour of the country too bitter to eat by itself, we sweetened it with ripe plantains, and made a good cake of it.

Rozaro s children became more and more troublesome, stealing everything they could lay their hands upon out of the village huts we passed on the way.

I sent Bombay off with a message to Kamrasi explaining everything, and begging for an early interview, as I had much of importance to communicate, and wished, of all things, to see the letter he had from Gani, as it must have come from our dear friends at home.

I found that the woman, who fully understood the jealous hatred which existed in Baraka s heart against Bombay, flirted with both of them and, pretending to show a preference for Bombay, set Baraka against her, when from high words they came to blows, and set the place in a blaze.

Chapter VIII Karague Relief from Protectors and Pillagers The Scenery and Geology Meeting with the Friendly King Rumanika His Hospitalities and Attention His Services to the Expedition Philosophical and Theological Inquiries The Royal Family of Karague The M Fumbiro Mountain Navigation of The Little Windermere The New Moon Levee Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus Hunting Measurement of a Fattened Queen Political Polygamy Christmas Rumours of Petherick s Expedition Arrangements to meet it March to Uganda.

As in Uganda, all the villagers CCIE Voice Written 350-030 forsook their huts as soon as they heard the Wageni guests were coming and no one paid the least attention to the traveller, save the few 350-030 Vce Download head men attached to the escort, or some professional traders.

It in a manner explained also how it was that Kamrasi, some years before, had obtained some pink beads, of a variety the Zanzibar merchants had never thought of bringing into the country.

They were quite unconscious of my approach, so I took a shot at a cow, and wounded her then, after reloading, put a ball in a bull and staggered him also.

I believed it to be Petherick and a companion whom I knew he was to bring with him.

The thought never struck me they were lying down in such open ground in the day time so, as I could not go closer without driving them off, I took a shot with my single rifle at where I judged the chest of the nearest one ought to be, and then discovered my error.

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